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Kennedy Family Tree

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Published on 2022-03-24
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A family tree visual represents a person’s family and shows the relationship between different family members over several generations. In a family tree, you can include as many generations as you want to add. Along with family members, you can also include some information about every family member, like their name, pictures, death & birth date, and marriage status. It will help you make your family tree more informative.
A family tree combines all the family members in one diagram, so using it, you can easily trace the relationships making no extra effort. Let’s take the example of the Kennedy Family Tree to understand the concept of a family tree better.
Continue reading the Kennedy Family Tree to get more insights about it.

1. Understanding Kennedy Family Tree

In the following Kennedy Family tree, the family history of Kennedys has been described to illustrate the family member’s relationship with each other. Patrick Joseph Kenedy and John F. Fitzgerald occupied the first level of the tree, and it shows the origin of the Kennedy Family Tree. Along with the name of each individual, dates are also included to describe briefly every family member, as you can see in the following Kennedy Family Tree.
The next level indicates the second generation of the Kennedy Family Tree, and Joseph P. Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy occupied it. The line between these two indicates they are married to each other.
The next level of the Kennedy Family Tree shows the five children of Joseph P and Rose Fitzgerald. Further, several generations are included in the Kennedy Family Tree, as you can see in the below diagram.

2. How to Create a Kennedy Family Tree EdrawMax Online?

Creating an Organizational Chart diagram in EdrawMax Online is pretty simple. The free org chart maker has several features as you can instantly import the images or icons from your system or Google Drive or DropBox. Your free diagram will require additional media content, making it more creative.

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Log in EdrawMax Online using your registered email address. If this is your first time accessing the tool, you can create your personalized account from your personal or professional email address.

Choose a template
EdrawMax Online comes with hundreds of free diagram templates. Select a pre-designed template by entering the Keyword in the "Search" section or exploring different diagram sets. In this case, you will find different types of Family Tree, Org Structure, and Organizational Chart under the "General" section. Alternatively, you can simply click on "+" in EdrawMax Online canvas to create a diagram of your preference.

Work on your research
As you see from the Family Tree below, John F. Kennedy was elected a member of Congress in 1947 and advanced to the Senate in 1953. That same year, he married Jacqueline Bouvier. The birth of his four children extended John F. Kennedy’s family tree.

Customize the diagram
Customize your organizational chart or the required family tree by changing the color or adding more relevant data. Based on your research, you can also add or remove the relevant hierarchy from the chart to prioritize the members.

Export & Share
Once your required org chart is completed, you can share it amongst your colleagues or clients using the easy export and share option. You can further export the diagram in multiple formats, like Graphics, JPEG, PDF, or HTML. Also, you can share the designs on different social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Line.

Important Tips

The family tree is a great way to draw family relationships, but you might be thinking about how to create a family tree and here are some useful tips for you:
Decide the family you want to create a family tree and figure out how many generations you want to include. Do deep research to collect some information about each individual. Create an outline for the family tree and arrange the family members generation-wise.


The family tree is the perfect way for learning family relationships, whether you’re a child, college student, or someone who is doing historical research. You can easily trace the relationships you have learned in the Kennedy Family Tree using a family tree. Use EdrawMax Online to create a Family Tree for your projects.
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Kennedy Family Tree
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