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WBS Work Breakdown Structure

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Jeroen V
Published on 2022-04-15
This is a Mind Map of Work Breakdown Structure. It depicts the ETF in-place CRM system utilizing the WBS technique, which includes CRM foundation, effective communication, integration, and reporting. A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a logical and rigorous technique for describing the scope of your project. It organizes activities into a logical order and assigns them unique numbers. It is an excellent tool for logical, methodical thinkers. As a result, it appeals to intuitive and divergent thinking who find a more structured approach unappealing. A work breakdown structure is intended to make a complex project more manageable. Breaking it down into smaller parts allows multiple team members to work on it at the same time, leading to higher team productivity and simpler project management.  EdrawMax is the software available for excellent Work Breakdown Structure.
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WBS Work Breakdown Structure
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