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Genogram Pattern Of Client 2

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Published on 2022-04-19
The genogram has indicated the relationship in the family for 2 patterns: hypertension and eye diseases. 
What is a genogram? What is included in a medical genogram?
A genogram outperforms a traditional family tree because it is a detailed schematic design that displays the connections, heredity, and behavioral patterns shared by members of a family, as well as how these patterns affect the lives of the family members. The symbols in this category represent the quality of a family's connection and emotional bond, emphasizing the existence of love, harmony, animosity, hatred, abuse, or violence in a familial relationship.
Why is a genogram necessary?
Genograms assist to portray the important persons in a person's life and their relationships with them. This tool assists specialists in determining where troubles and concerns arise within the family. A genogram is also a very useful tool in the field of social work.
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Genogram Pattern Of Client 2
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