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Open Area Evacuation Plan

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Domingo, Reylie Kabigting
Published on 2022-04-25
This is the family's open area's evacuation plan. Many individuals don't know that evacuations are more important than they think in their mind.  Many crises, however, leave no time for individuals to acquire even the most basic supplies, which is why preparation ahead of time is critical. Plan how you would gather your family (or colleagues for workplace evacuation plans) and supplies, as well as where you will travel in different scenarios. Choose many destinations in various directions in order that  you have options in the event of an emergency and are familiar with the evacuation routes to those places. EdrawMax includes a number of evacuation plan templates. Now it is the time to build your own Evacuation Plan in case of an emergency in EdrawMax.
Building Plan
Fire and Emergency Plan
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Open Area Evacuation Plan
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