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Work Breakdown Structure with Mind Map

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Publish time:04-28-2022
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This is a Work Breakdown Structure created with a Mind Map. A Work Breakdown Structure is a logical and thorough technique for describing the scope of your project. It arranges activities in a logical structure and assigns them unique numbers. It is an excellent tool for sensible, methodical thinkers. A Mind Map employs a spatial metaphor to illustrate the links between ideas: in this example, activities. It invites you to employ color, symbols, as well as text and lines. As a result, it appeals to intuitive and divergent thinking who are put off by a more methodical approach. The wonderful part is that a Mind Map may depict the same information as a WBS while keeping all of the same connection information. This means that you may design any WBS using a with a Mind Map.EdrawMax is the software available because it offers extensive features and shapes relevant to creating Mind Map.
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Work Breakdown Structure with Mind Map