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Fire Excape Plan

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Jimmy Barber
Published on 2022-05-05
This is the family's evacuation plan. Signs that are important are highlighted in red or green. Plan how you would gather your family (or colleagues for workplace evacuation plans) and supplies, as well as where you will travel in different scenarios. Choose many destinations in various directions in order that you have options in the event of an emergency like fire and are familiar with the evacuation routes to the mentioned places. A good evacuation plan not only prepares your company for fires, but also for any event, such as a natural disaster or an active shooter. By offering comprehensive evacuation training to your staff, they will be able to leave the office swiftly in the event of an emergency. EdrawMax includes a number of evacuation plan templates. Come and make your own Evacuation Plan.
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Fire and Emergency Plan
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Fire Excape Plan
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