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Legislative Process Flowchart

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Pasindu Madhushan
Published on 2022-05-05
This is a flowchart of the legislative process, including the pre-parliamentary and parliamentary processes. Take a closer look at the graph if you want to learn more. The "legislative process" means the steps that a proposed law must take in order to become law. Legislative procedures differ amongst legislatures around the world, but key features that are typical in democratic legislatures include reading, editing, and approval. A process flowchart, on the other hand, is a diagram that depicts the sequential phases of a process as well as the decisions required to make the process operate. Every step is represented by a form in the chart/visual representation. These forms are linked together by lines and arrows to depict the process's movement and direction. You can get the templates you want in EdrawMax!
process flowchart
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Legislative Process Flowchart
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