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DFD RFD Diagram

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Richelle Lobo
Published on 2022-05-07
This is an example of DFD. A Data Flow Diagram (DFD) is an acronym for Data Flow Diagram. DFD represents the data flow of a system or process. It also provides information on the inputs and outputs of each entity as well as the process itself. DFD lacks control flow and has no loops or decision rules. A flowchart can describe certain procedures based on the kind of data. There are various methods to represent a data flow diagram. The DFD is a modeling tool for structured analysis. Data flow diagrams are frequently used because they aid in visualizing the essential actions and data involved in software-system activities. It also assists us in comprehending the operation and limitations of a system. Make your own Data Flow Diagram with various templates in EdrawMax.
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DFD RFD Diagram
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