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Timeline Diagram Example

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Crystal Wells
Published on 2022-05-09
This is an illustration of a timeline diagram. A timeline is a visual representation of a chronological series of events along a drawn line that allows a spectator to immediately grasp temporal linkages. The phrase is also occasionally used to refer to a tabular chronology, year-by-year paragraphs, or solely conceptual chronology. For a better presentation, timelines are increasingly being portrayed in infographics that combine text and visual imagery. Timelines are frequently used in history textbooks and biographies to describe what happened during a certain period of time or to a specific person, beginning with the earliest occurrence and progressing through time. For example, your personal timeline may begin with your birth. Many timelines are visually depicted by a line dotted with dots denoting significant events. Check out the examples in EdrawMax to understand the types and uses of a timeline. 
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Timeline Diagram Example
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