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ER Diagram for Customer and Loan

Publish timeļ¼š05-09-2022
This is an excellent customer and loan ER diagram. Based on loan management criteria, this ER diagram for customers and loans was constructed. The technology can encrypt the debtors' information during the transaction. The debtors' status and transactions are visible to the administrator. They can manage data for information management and record customer requests. The ER diagram for clients and loans contained characteristics such as the security and monitoring of lending/bank information, as well as the status of debtors' information. These characteristics were documented in reports that served as the transaction history for the system. As a result, the system can handle and safeguard debtor transactions as well as personal information. You may use EdrawMax to create your own ER diagram from a choice of templates.
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Akanksha Kumari
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ER Diagram for Customer and Loan