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Simple Genogram

Publish timeļ¼š05-09-2022
This is an illustration of a simple genogram. A genogram, also known as a Lapidus Schematic or McGoldrick-Gerson research, is a pictorial depiction of the psychological interactions that occur in a multigenerational family.  To create a genogram, you need to identify the requirement to create a genogram. They are jam-packed with information about the family depicted. They contain basic information seen in family trees, such as each person's name, gender, date of birth, and date of death. Additional data includes education, work, major life events, chronic diseases, social behaviors, familial ties, emotional relationships, and social contacts. Some genograms also include information on hereditary issues such as alcoholism, depression, illnesses, alliances, and living situations. You may make your own Genogram easily with EdrawMax.
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Simple Genogram