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Network Architecture Template Sample

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Semuka Dimitri
Published on 2022-05-10
This is an illustration of a Network Architecture. The structural and logical arrangement of a network is referred to as network architecture. It specifies how network devices are linked together as well as the rules that govern data transit between them. There are several approaches to network architecture design, depending on the network's purpose and size. Wide area networks (WAN), for example, are a collection of interconnected networks that frequently span long distances. Its network design will be considerably different from that of a smaller office branch's local area network (LAN). Planning the network architecture is critical since it either improves or degrades the overall system performance. Choosing the incorrect transmission media or equipment for a specific predicted server load, for example, might have serious consequences. Feel free to edit this template and create your own Network Architecture Diagram in EdrawMax.
Network Architecture
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Network Architecture Template Sample
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