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Use Case for Collage News Corner

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Published on 2022-05-10
This is a common use case diagram that is used to depict the entire operating procedure of the collage news corner. The primary type of system/software requirements for a new software application under development is the Use Case Diagram. Use cases define the intended behavior (what) rather than the exact technique of achieving it (how). Once defined, use cases can have both written and visual representations. A crucial aspect of use case modeling is that it allows us to build a system from the standpoint of the end user. By describing all externally observable system behavior, it is an excellent strategy for conveying system behavior in user terms. Please feel free to modify this template and use it to construct your own diagram in EdrawMax. EdrawMax will demonstrate how to create a perfect use case diagram design in a matter of minutes. Sign up now!
Jacobson Use Case
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Use Case for Collage News Corner
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