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Affinity Diagram Excel

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What is the Affinity template?
An affinity template is a visual tool for organizing unstructured thoughts generated during brainstorming sessions. It aggregates enormous volumes of linguistic data into groups based on their natural links and holds problem-solving sessions. Different yet similar concepts are organized into meaningful affinity groups using this strategy.

What are the benefits of creating affinity templates in excel?
One of two things can happen during a brainstorming session. It may either be a total waste of time with no accountability or follow-up, or it can be a huge driver of innovation and progress. The note-keeping limitation is a part of achieving the latter.

This is where our Excel Template for Affinity templates comes in helpful. It makes it simple to capture, classify, and organize brainstorming ideas and concerns.

How to create affinity templates in excel?
Begin by filling up the Affinity template page with your data. There are five tables on the left side of the page. Each table will represent a distinct category or group.
After you've recorded your ideas for each area, prioritize them on a scale of 1 to 7, with 1 being the highest and 7 being the lowest.
Click the Update templates button to draw the affinity templates. Your inputs will automatically classify and prioritize ideas.
Tips for creating affinity templates in excel:

When you have a group of five or six people, affinity mapping works best. The brainstorming and categorizing process should be conducted in silence. Please don't bring it up! The affinity template might not be essential if you have less than 15 data points. Groupings should not be overthought. Don't second-guess yourself.

EdrawMax is your one-stop solution for creating and sharing such diagrams. Even though Excel can let you create such affinity templates, it lacks in design and theme formats. Instead, go ahead with EdrawMax and create a similar diagram in just a couple of minutes.
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