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Published on 2022-05-27
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What is an affinity template online?
Affinity template online is a visual tool that helps organize thoughts created during a brainstorming session. Using the affinity template, you'll arrange ideas into various groups or categories depending on their connections.

Affinity grouping can be used as a collaborative prioritization process. It works by letting your group of participants brainstorm ideas and possibilities using Post-It Notes. The team then works to sort the sticky notes into groups of relevant things. The team ranks the groupings once they have been established.

Benefit of creating affinity template:
You can aggregate many people's notes by writing them all on post-it notes and putting them in one spot. Sorting and classifying things creates intriguing discussions.

It's simple to move and group Post-it notes into multiple levels of groups and sub-groups. Take a step back and examine the template in its entirety. Labeling groups and sub-groups makes it easy to see where the main problems are. It allows the rest of the company to see your study. People are less likely to be bewildered by the length of the research.

How to create an affinity template online?
On a separate sticky note or card, write down each concept with a marking pen. Spread notes out on a big work area in a random pattern so that everyone can see them. The entire team congregates around the notes and takes part in the next procedures.
Place thoughts next to one other that appear to be connected in some manner.
Begin a conversation with your team about the chart's form, any unexpected trends, and, most importantly, the rationale for relocating problematic notes. Make modifications and rearrange concepts as needed.

Tips for creating affinity template online:
When you have a group of five or six people, affinity mapping works best. The brainstorming and categorizing process should be conducted in silence. Please don't bring it up! Affinity template might not be essential if you have less than 15 data points. Groupings should not be overthought. Don't second-guess yourself.

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Affinity Diagram Online
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