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Work Activity Affinity Diagram

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Published on 2022-05-27
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What is a work activity affinity template?
An affinity template (also known as an affinity map) is a graphic aid that aids in the organization of ideas generated during a brainstorming session. You'll classify ideas into distinct groups or categories based on their links using the affinity template.
As a collaborative prioritizing exercise, affinity grouping may be employed. It works by having your group of participants use Post-It Notes to brainstorm ideas and possibilities. The team then works to organize the sticky notes into groupings of items that are comparable. After the groups have been constructed, the team votes to rank them.

Benefits of creating a work activity affinity template:
Multiple people's notes can be combined by writing them all on post-it notes and putting them all in one place. The act of sorting and categorizing sparks interesting conversations. Post-it notes may be moved and grouped into different levels of groups and sub-groups with ease. You may take a step back and look at the template as its whole. You can clearly determine where the key concerns are by labeling groups and sub-groups. It makes your research visible to the rest of the firm. People are less likely to be perplexed as to why the investigation is taking so long.

How to create a work activity affinity template?
On a separate sticky note or card, write down each concept with a marking pen. Spread notes out on a big work area in a random pattern so that everyone can see them. The entire team congregates around the notes and takes part in the next procedures.
Place thoughts next to one other that appear to be connected in some manner.
Begin a conversation with your team about the chart's form, any unexpected trends, and, most importantly, the rationale for relocating problematic notes. Make modifications and rearrange concepts as needed.
If necessary, combine groupings into "supergroups." Place all ideas on header cards and assign them to the specified categories.

Tips for creating a work activity affinity template:
Use markers to make text visible even from afar. Reading thoughts from a distance with conventional pens is difficult. Ideas should be three to seven words lengthy in writing. Place the notes in no particular sequence, and don't make any categories or titles ahead of time. The common thread for all categories should be clearly identified and described in the header cards. Instead of thinking, base your task on your "gut sense."
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Work Activity Affinity Diagram
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