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Kathleen Ann Soliah Genogram

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Published on 2022-06-23
This genogram is the life of Kathleen Ann Soliah and her life prior to joing up with the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA), and her crimes that led her to use alias, and flee from a lengthly PrisonSentence for her crimes of planting bombs under LA police cars and murder. The genogram walks you through how she stayed one step ahead of the law for 23 years . Over that period of time Kathleen slash Sarah had married, had three children, went to church, volunteered, and became a soccer mom . It was only after America's Most Wanted for the second time spoke about Kathleen/SarahWhich led to her capture where she had to pay her dues to the people of California where she was sentenced to prison and released in seven years . While on parole for one year she was not allowed to speak to her brother or any other SLA members . Kathleen is now living with her husband back in Minnesota. For more genogram templates, come to EdrawMax!
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Kathleen Ann Soliah Genogram
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