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Prototype Business Models Template

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Lisa Anderson
Published on 2022-12-08
This Prototype Business Models Template is used to test the behavior of a business under specific conditions. Discover how these are designed and used to guide business plans and implementation. Melinda, a realtor, arrived at a house she had just listed for sale. She stooped down, her 'for sale yard signs and fliers under her arm, to grab the lockbox containing the key to the house. She pushed her posters and fliers to the side, but a gust of wind blew them all over the place. As Melinda tried to grab them before they flew away, she collided with the largest yard sign, which promptly fell and bounced off her head, giving her a small cut. You can create this Prototype Business Models Templat with EdrawMax online to get started. 
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Prototype Business Models Template
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