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Wireframe For Website Home Page Design

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dhruvin Patel
Published on 2023-03-10
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Home page wireframing is the process of designing a skeletal, blueprint-like framework to build a website. This frame provides a structure for future content, features, and functions and helps determine overall design decisions such as user experience flow and information hierarchy. Wireframes can be created with tools such as Invision, Sketch, Figma, or simple pen and paper. It's best to include stakeholders in this process to ensure that all expectations for the home page are met. A Home Page Wireframe Design involves planning and constructing the structure of the page and its individual elements, including Why Choose Us, How to Use Us, Features, and a Footer. This process helps create an organized user experience for visitors to the site. Once complete, it is then used as a guide for developers when creating visual elements. Download this template from EdrawMax and start customizing it as per requirements. With EdrawMax's built-in customization features, you can modify the content of this design as per your norms.
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Wireframe For Website Home Page Design
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