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starDiagram with AI-powered automation.

icon1Edraw AI

Draw diagrams with one click.

  • Generate content, mind maps, lists, and text with ease
  • Expand your mind maps by adding brainstorming content.
  • Streamline content creation, draft business proposals, formulate study plans, do translation, write programming code, etc.
  • Optimize your workflow, increase productivity, and focus on creativity with AI technology.

icon3 ways to wake up Edraw AI.

AI Toolbar

Wake up Edraw AI from the toolbar. Input commands in pop-up window, convert responses into visual representations and preview them in real time.


Double-tap the space key to activate the AI assistant. Enter your comments to generate text, flowcharts, mind maps, lists, or tables in seconds.

Right Click

Need help with your diagram? Simply right-click on a symbol and wake up the Edraw AI for instant assistance.

One-Click EditOne-Click Edit

Edraw AI provides the One-Click Edit feature to offer suggestions for the style of your diagram and enhance its visual appeal. Business style, dark theme, light theme … You can customize the global style to better match your brand or personal preferences. In addition, the Unify Font, Colors, and Paragraphs features allow you to apply a unified and cohesive layout and appearance to your diagrams with one click.

One-Click EditPre-Scenario AI

Optimize your work and boost your productivity with Edraw AI Pre-Scenario feature. With advanced artificial intelligence technology, it can polish text, adjust paragraph length and tone, translate, and beautify mind maps. Whether you are a student, professional, or creator, Edraw AI can help you create quickly and efficiently.

OCR to Extract TextOCR to Extract Text

Don't waste time manually typing out text from pictures or scanned documents! With just one click, the OCR feature extracts text from images accurately, and the Edraw AI polishes the text and generates diagrams easily. Enjoy high efficiency with EdrawMax in creating diagrams.

One-Click EditMore AI Features Coming Soon

EdrawMax will continue to release more AI-powered features. Stay tuned for more updates.


Intelligent diagramming solutions for everyone.

Expand ideas and improve work efficiency with EdrawMax AI in different professions.
IT Engineering
Effortlessly illustrate complex workflows, documenting intricate processes with EdrawMax AI flowchart, ensuring a balance of quality documentation and streamlined efficiency.
Utilize EdrawMax AI tool to analyze market data in tables, creating insightful infographics to gain deeper business perspectives and make data-driven decisions.
Empower educators with EdrawMax AI mindmap for streamlined idea organization, paper writing, creative presentations, and interactive lesson planning.
UI/UX Designers
Harness the power of EdrawMax AI to effortlessly map user flows, organize ideas for wireframe creation, and design intuitive interfaces using versatile templates.

Inspire creativity and versatility: EdrawMax AI in action.

Expand ideas and improve work efficiency with EdrawMax AI in different professions.
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FAQs about EdrawMax AI diagramming tool

(1) AI tokens are a digital commodity provided by EdrawMax, which can be used to exchange for EdrawMax AI services and have long-term validity.
(2) Using EdrawMax AI feature requires the consumption of AI tokens, which can be obtained by recharging your account.
The usage of EdrawMax's AI feature is solely dependent on the number of AI tokens available. To enable users to experience the fantastic AI feature, we offer every user 200 AI tokens. Even free trial users can access the AI feature as long as they have enough AI tokens.
EdrawMax AI feature solely executes commands based on user inputs and does not access any other private data.
EdrawMax AI feature supports output in English, French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Korean. However, the AI feature provides the highest output quality for the English language.