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Easy-to-Use Floor Plan Software

Whether your level of expertise is high or not, EdrawMax Online makes it easy to visualize and design any space. Sketch walls, windows, doors, and gardens effortlessly. Our online floor plan designer is simple to learn for new users but also powerful and versatile for professionals. The drag & drop functionality will help you grab, align, and arrange all the elements of your floor plan without redundant operations.

Easy-to-Use Floor Plan Software
Ample Symbols and Quick-Start Templates

Ample Symbols & Quick-Start Templates

Want to recreate your space but worry about no professional design skills? EdrawMax Online solves this problem by providing various types of top-quality inbuilt symbols, icons, elements, and templates to help you design your ideal building layout. All symbols are vector-based and resizable. Simply choose an easy-to-customize template from our template gallery and fill your floor plan with the symbols your need. A remarkable design will be generated quickly.

Make Accurate Floor Plans with Scale Tools

To ensure everything is accurate in your floor plan, use the built-in scale tools in our online floor plan creator. When you move or adjust any element in your plan, there will show the correct proportions and dimensions, which streamline the processes of building and designing. You can also easily change the scale unit and precision at any time. Thus, our free floor plan maker will help you create accurate and detailed designs in a variety of scenarios.

Make Accurate Floor Plans with Scale Tools
Export, Share and Print Floor Plans Fast

Export, Share and Print Floor Plans Fast

EdrawMax has advanced compatibility so that you can export your floor plans to any common-used formats, including Visio, MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG, Google Slides, etc. To share the layout of your space or print a high-quality drawing, you can make it with just a few clicks. Besides, you are able to transform into the full-screen presentation mode in EdrawMax to capture the smallest details of your floor plan or grab the audience's attention on some specific aspects.

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How to Draw a Floor Plan Online


Do Site Analysis

Before sketching the floor plan, you need to do a site analysis, figure out the zoning restrictions, and understand the physical characteristics like the Sun, view, and wind direction, which will determine your design.


Take Measurement

When inspecting the space, measure the walls, doors, windows, and existing furniture accurately. If you are creating the layout for an entirely new area, you can look for and survey the buildings in similar areas to use as an estimate in your floor plan.


Start with a Sketch

Use EdrawMax Online to create a sketch of the layout, which is a simple representation of what you are going to achieve and how your space is divided. You can draw the basic floor plan on scale by using a template or building with pre-designed symbols.


Add More Architectural Features

Now it’s time to add doors, windows, furniture, appliances, any other fixtures to complete your floor plan. Most of the symbols, shapes, and icons can be found in our floor plan symbol libraries. Besides, you can draw the symbols and upload them to your own library.


Share Your Floor Plan

Save floor plans in your personal cloud with our 100% security guarantee. Share them with your team, friends or family, and get helpful advice and feedback.

FAQs about EdrawMax Online

  • Sketch the layout in your mind first, and create a floor plan using various floor plan symbols or build your plan from one of our floor plan templates.
  • Open a floor plan or any other type of diagram in EdrawMax Online. Click the Symbol Library icon on the left pane and find Floor Plan in the dialogue. You can tick and select different floor plan symbols.
  • Try to make symbols that you want and build up your own symbol library. EdrawMax Online has rich basic drawing elements and toolkits to meet your needs for making simple or complex symbols.
  • Use the scale tool and auto-measure feature to adjust the walls, doors, and fixtures in your floor plan. The inbuilt grid lines and rulers will also help you to align and arrange elements.
  • If your friend use MS Office components or Google Slides, export your floor plan as Word, PPT, Excel, or Google Slides formats. Alternatively, print your work to scale just as easily.

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