Free Editable Biography Graphic Organizer Examples

A biography graphic organizer is an excellent tool for historians, educators, students, and professionals. Making a graphic organizer create someone's biography is hard and takes time, and using templates and examples is the most efficient way to create these graphic organizers. Here, we will talk about biography templates, how to write a biography with EdrawMax Online, and a few example topics.

1. What is Biography Graphic Organizer

A biography graphic organizer visually represents a person's biography from a third-person perspective. We use it to brainstorm and organize essential information about people, historical figures, characters in novels and movies. Most of the biographies we create or read are typically based on famous people. Still, you can create a biography of anyone with key information about their lives and major events. It helps you visualize details about someone’s early life, adult life, family life, and related exciting facts.

2. The Biography Graphic Organizer Examples

You can use biography graphic organizers to gather key information about any person, and you can arrange that information logically based on the major events and that person's life. It is easy to read and understand someone's biography; however, making a biography is entirely different. It takes a lot of time to write a memoir, and without a proper template, you will also have to put in extra effort to do the framework. There are many formats of biography templates, each with its uses and benefits. Check out our biography graphic organizer examples will help to pick a suitable template for your task.

Example 1: Biography Graphic Organizer

A biography graphic organizer depicts a person's biography by gathering their major life events and organizing them logically to represent their various life aspects. You can use various graphic organizers to create a biography, such as a pamphlet. There are three sides to this template, one with different information about a person's biography. Teachers use such templates to give assignments and tests to their students. The person's picture and intro go on the first page with the writer's name. We got the bibliography and blank space for the teacher's comments on the second page. The person's key facts and family details are on the last page of the pamphlet.

Biography Graphic Organizer
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Example 2: Free Printable Biography Graphic Organizer

You can easily create someone's biography with a free printable biography graphic organizer. There is no standard format to make a biography, and that is why you can use various graphic organizers such as broachers or charts. This template follows a simple layout with the important person's name at the top. After that, there are empty boxes where you can enter the person's date of birth and death in question. There are three blank areas labeled as facts. Here you can write three major events or key points about the person. In the end, you can write about the lesson you learned from this biography

Free Printable Biography Graphic Organizer
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Example 3: Biography Graphic Organizer PDF

A biography graphic organizer PDF is best when you don't know how much information you will add to the biography. People use it to make worksheets to organize and gather all the information about the important person. These templates come with their benefits, such as no space limit. You can expand your worksheets with incoming data, unlike those graphic organizers where you get limited space to write details and information. The person's name goes at the center of the chart. At the top, we got some relevant information, such as their background and major accomplishments.

Biography Graphic Organizer PDF
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Example 4: Biography Graphic Organizer Middle School

A biography graphic organizer in middle school is an excellent tool for students to gather information of the important personalities they read about in their books or novels and create a biography. A Martin Luther King biography is typical for middle school students. This template comes with a picture of the important person, and key information goes to the boxes around the image. You start with writing the birth and death date of the person. Write their famous quotes and give a little intro to why that person is famous. You can add some character traits to make it perfect.

Biography Graphic Organizer Middle Shcool
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Example 5: Graphic Organizer for Biography

This is a standard graphic organizer for biography. It comes in a simple format with the writer's name at the top. After that, there is the person's name or the title of your biography. You start introducing that person by listing some information about that person early. There is also an option to add a picture on the right side. After the early life comes the major events of their family life. There is also bank space to write the accomplishments that made this person famous. You can end the biography by listing a few interesting facts about that person.

Graphic Organizer for Biography
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Example 6: Stalin Biography Report Graphic Organizer

This is a complete Stalin biography report graphic organizer template. If you are writing a Stalin biography, then use this template and modify the text, and you get a perfect memoir. The template follows the standard format of listing the writer's name above the topic title and person's name. There is blank space for you to write about that person's early and family life. In the accomplishments section, you write about the reason for that person being famous and their deeds. Close your biography with a list of interesting facts.

Stalin Biography Report Graphic Organizer
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Example 7: Free Biography Graphic Organizer

A free biography graphic organizer is a standard tool students use to create biographies for their assignments. Most students use free templates such as this one to complete projects, and it helps them gather information about the famous person and organize it without wasting their time creating a framework from scratch. Any student can make a biography by writing the correct details and information in the right boxes. The name and title go at the top, and there is a blank space to write the date and destination of birth and death. Then, you got a huge area to write the accomplishments of the famous person.

Free Biography Graphic Organizer
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Example 8: Biography Graphic Organizer 3rd Grade

A biography graphic organizer 3rd grade helps primary school students write biographies of famous people and characters from movies and novels in the correct format. Teachers use these templates to improve their students' reading and writing skills. The biography starts with the writer's and the famous person's name at the top. The students write a summary about that person's life like an intro, and there is also bank space to add that person's photograph. After that, students list some key facts, write some of their quotes and end the biography with some exciting events in that person's life.

Biography Graphic Organizer 3rd Grade
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Example 9: Biography Writing Graphic Organizer

You can structure information for brainstorming sessions and idea generation with a cluster word web. It also helps create outlines for various writings and pre-write your presentations or reports. The number of clusters in your diagram depends on your ideas and critical elements. You don't have to follow a specific format and limit the number of items you add to your diagram. In this example, the main idea is at the centre, with related details and themes in a logical structure.

Biography Writing Graphic Organizer
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3. How to Write a Biography

Follow these steps to learn how to write a biography.

Step 1: Create a graphic organizer yourself or customize a template to gather and organize information about the important person.

Step 2: You can gather key information by researching multiple resources and collecting data to conduct comprehensive and efficient research.

Step 3: Collaborate with your peers to do your thesis and create a proper framework before writing the biography.

Step 4: Create a timeline and add your ideas to the biography.

Step 5: Add key information about that person's life, achievements, the reason for success and exciting facts.

4. Topics for Biography

The topic for biography depends on the name of the person you plan to write about. You can write about famous people and characters from movies and novels. If you can't find a suitable person, you can write about historical figures or people who made huge contributions to humanity. You can also base your title on people who discovered new lands and invented new technology. Here are some famous biography topics.

  • Albert Einstein
  • Alexander Fleming
  • Alexander Graham Bell
  • Alexander the Great
  • Amelia Earhart
  • Anne Frank
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Betty Ford
  • Carl Sagan
  • Charles Lindbergh
  • Clarence Birdseye
  • Eli Whitney
  • Elie Wiesel
  • George Washington Carver
  • Henry Ford

5. Online Biography Maker

A biography graphic organizer is a fantastic tool that helps gather, organize and visually represent key information about famous and influential personalities. Teachers use these graphic organizers to give their students home assignments and test papers that help improve their writing and storytelling skills. EdrawMax is the best biography maker with creative customizing tools and features that makes your job much easier. It comes with a comprehensive template and symbol library that you can employ with a few clicks. It also gives you the option to export your diagram in any format you want.

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6. Key Takeaways

A biography graphic organizer is commonly used to conduct research about famous and famous people and visualize the key information about their life. Historians and professionals use it to create autobiographies and generate timelines. You can learn everything you need to know from our biography examples. It makes it easy to understand someone's life achievement; however, it is hard to make a graphic biography organizer. EdrawMax Online is the best online biography maker. You can use its templates to make any online to save your time and effort. It supports various document formats and creative customization tools. Find more graphic organizer templates in the templates community.

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