Marriott SWOT Analysis

Check out the SWOT Analysis of Marriott by EdrawMax that includes its strengths, shortcomings, opportunities, and dangers in depth.

1. Lead-in

SWOT analysis is a form of analysis done to analyze a company based on some key features. Marriott is a multinational company based in America and is doing hotel business worldwide. Marriott SWOT Analysis deals with the key features like the strength of the company, the weaknesses, the opportunities, and the threats faced by the company. The SWOT Analysis of Marriott will put in front all the future problems that the company might face. SWOT Analysis for Marriott is the only best option to deal with these problems.

In this article, to understand the importance of SWOT analysis, we will help you create a SWOT analysis using the free templates and components by EdrawMax Online.

2. About Marriott

2.1 Introduction of Marriott

Besides being a hotel chain, mogul Marriott also does work like Marriott's development which helps its owners and franchisees to learn how to increase productivity and profit. Marriott’s culture is to serve its customers first and foremost, and they never fail to do that no matter what. Marriott CSR is that they try to make the communities where they operate better places to live, work and visit. Marriott SWOT Analysis will look into these and make it a better group.

2.2 Overview of Marriott

Name Marriott International, Inc.
Founded 1927, March 5th in Washington DC, USA.
Industries served The hospitality industry.
Geographic Area Served Worldwide
Headquarters Bethesda, Maryland, USA
Current CEO Anthony Capuano
Revenue (US$) US$ 13.86 billion approximately as of 2021
Net income (US$) US$ 1.10 billion approximately as of 2021
Employees 133,000 approximately
Main competitors Hyatt Hotels Corporation, InterContinental Hotel Groups, Wyndham Worldwide Corporation, Choice Hotels International Inc., Four Seasons Hotels Ltd., etc

2.3 History of Marriott

1927 Foundation of the organization by John Willard Marriott, which later expanded into a chain of Hot Shoppes restaurants.
1953 Hot Shoppes, Inc. Became a public company.
1957 Opened its first hotel, the Twin Bridges Motor Hotel, in Arlington, Virginia.
1959 Second hotel, the Key Bridge Marriott, in Arlington, Virginia, was opened.
1967 Hot Shoppes was renamed Marriott.
1976 Opened two theme parks.
1993 Marriott International was formed.
1995 First hotel company to provide online reservation services.
1997 The company acquired Renaissance hotels.
2001 The Marriott World Trade Center was destroyed.
2003 Completed the corporate spin-off.
2006 Implemented a smoking ban.
2010 Planned to add 600 hotel properties.
2015 Acquired the Delta hotels.
2018 Disclosed data breach.
2022 Employees started moving into the company’s new 21-story building.

3. SWOT Analysis of Marriott


  • Worldwide impeccable reputation: Marriott is one of the best, with a constant good reputation in the market. Customers know that this five-star hotel has everything that someone would want and need. Marriott has held on to its position on Fortune 500 list for over 21 years.
  • Leads the market: Marriott is one of the leading names in the hotel management industry. It has successfully secured the top position among all its competitors. Moreover, it has ensured the highest place on the list even in this stiff competitive market. Marriott is the largest chain of hotels globally.
  • Presence all over the globe: Marriott is a global name. No matter where you are, in whichever country, what’s that country’s economic and political conditions, you will be able to find a J. W. Marriott there without any doubt. Marriott is present in over 127 countries all across the globe.
  • Acquisitions are highly profitable: Marriott has profitably secured many well-reputed brands over the years, like Bulgari Hotel, Resorts Worldwide, Gaylord, and more. These names have expanded its portfolio and the revenue that it earns.
  • Customers are loyal: When you have customer loyalty, it is natural that you will have a very successful business. Marriott flaunts a set of loyal customers who, no matter what, will stand by the hotel chain at any cost.


  • Too strict code of conduct: Understandably, you need strict policies to run a successful business-like Marriott, but too much strictness can do more harm than good. Employees might find it hard to work perfectly if under continuous strict surveillance. In 2018 an employee lost their job for liking a tweet that might be offensive to China.
  • Negative publicity: People believe positive and negative publicity give a business a little push, but negative publicity is not the right thing if your business is in the hotel management industry, where everything depends on how the public sees you. Marriott is said to have done something horrible when they only rescued guests during hurricane Irma and not others, even when they had the resources.
  • Problems with the law: If you have problems with the law, your reputation is sure to get tarnished. Marriott got sued for blocking a customer’s Wi-Fi. Thus, it affected their business.
  • Poor ways of data protection: Marriott’s data protection tactics have been under question for the past years. Its customers want their personal information to be safe in the hands of the company, but they failed to do so on many occasions.
  • Family-focused positioning: Marriott is a family-focused business in the market viewpoint, but the hospitality industry now depends on single millennials. Hence, it serves as a disadvantage for Marriott.


  • Entering emerging economies: To expand its reputation and business, Marriott needs to include emerging economies in its customer list.
  • Offer diversified services:The new generation is all about getting the best services, so providing them with the basic amenities won’t do anything. Marriott needs to provide them with personalized services.
  • Demographic shifts: With the involvement of more and more millennials and Gen Z into the customer pool, the company has the opportunity to do more to look the part of a youthful company.
  • Expansion to related sectors: Holding on to just the central sector of the business is not good enough. Marriott needs to spread its wings and expand to the sectors related to the core business, like Airbnb.


  • High competition: No matter what sector, the competition in today’s economy is always high, especially if it’s a booming industry like hotel management. Marriott needs to do things differently from its competitors if they want to attract more attention.
  • Pandemic: The pandemic has caused enough damage to the business world. It caused losses and was more than a year-long break from any income. Like any other five-star hotel chain, Marriott faced a massive decline in revenue, which was unwelcome.
  • Global recession: The pandemic has caused the whole world, including the significant economies, to face the onset of a recession. The world’s economy is still struggling to hold on to the barest amount of economic growth. The customer pool has indeed gone down for Marriott, and so have its profits.
  • Chances of terrorist activities: Attacks by terrorists are a thing that has happened again and again in five-star hotels. Even with high-class security, someone can breach into the hotel with malicious intentions. Marriott needs to secure the area more strictly.

Marriott SWOT Analysis Diagram

As you have seen here, the organization's SWOT analysis helps us understand its multiple opportunities and threats and how it can utilize its strengths and overcome its weaknesses. In order to understand the SWOT analysis better, we will create a Marriott SWOT analysis diagram using the free templates and components offered by EdrawMax.

Marriott SWOT analysis diagram

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5. Key Takeaways

Marriott SWOT Analysis is done in detail in this article. It primarily analyses the market position of Marriott. The SWOT Analysis of Marriott also helps the professionals to look into the competition that Marriott has in its respective industry. The SWOT Analysis for Marriott is the only way to make sure that the company management makes proper decisions regarding the company in the future.

As you saw in this detailed Marriott SWOT analysis article, EdrawMax Online is a unique diagramming tool that offers many templates, components, online resources, and more. As a registered EdrawMax user, you can check out the template community that offers a wide range of user-generated templates that help create wonderful SWOT analysis diagrams and ensure that your diagrams stand out from the rest. So, what are you waiting for today? Download this free SWOT analysis creator today and start working on your SWOT analysis diagrams.


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