The Ultimate Joestar Family Tree

Jojo's Bizarre Adventures is a series that has taken the world by storm—having been initially released in the 80s. It has recently spiked its viewership to a huge extent. It has also continuously grown outside of Japan significantly.

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1. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

If you are still not intrigued, we will give you some solid reasons that make Jojo's Bizarre Adventure so popular. It started as a manga, perhaps without a promising future, yet after the release of its first anime. It was apparent that it was destined for greatness and accumulating fame for its writer.

It is bizarre, from the different powers they can use to the antagonists they face. The fact that Dio could steal Jonathan's body is odd in itself. There are also instances where aliens, disguised as babies, openly attack the JoJos. It is diverse; every single member of the Joestar family gets their bizarre adventure to deal with. They all have separate villains to battle and separate problems to deal with. The writer ensures that the stories do not get bland or stagnant at any point in the series.

The art style is unique and bold. It stands out from a lot of anime out there. The bright colors and grading used is special. There is special attention to detail given, making it very easy to distinguish the powers and styles of the characters with just one look.

The final reason is the memes. Jojo has recently risen to fame mostly because of the meme content it has provided. The memes have been used in many places and are one reason that has compelled people to watch JoJo's bizarre adventures. One of the most famous ones is the confrontation between Jotaro and Dio. Before you go forward, go through the article, a small spoiler warning. The content ahead is filled with spoilers, so you should stop right here if you do not like spoilers.

2. Joestar Family Tree

The Joestar family tree is the most important in the entire series. Each Joestar gets their adventure that they get involved in each season. The most interesting thing about this family is that a new family member is seen combating the antagonist in the more unique seasons.

Jonathan Joestar

Jonathan Joestar is the only heir of the Joestar family and the main protagonist in the show's first installment. He plays an important role throughout the series "Phantom Blood." He battles it out with the antagonist of the series "Dio," almost killing him in their brawl. Unfortunately, Jonathan has to face Dio once again on the occasion of his honeymoon trip, which is cut short with Jonathan sacrificing himself.

Dio Brando

George Joestar adopts Dio after Dio's dad passes away; this makes him Jonathan's brother but not a direct link in the Joestar bloodline. He is a vampire who seems to be the main antagonist that the Joestar bloodline faces. He is very cautious in keeping his evil intentions hidden till it is the right time. He fights with Jonathan, almost losing to him but barely escaping. He ruins Jonathan's honeymoon and takes over his body by transplanting his own head over Jonathan's body. Dio survives another century with this body.

Joseph Joestar

Joseph Joestar is the grandson of Jonathan Joestar and the main protagonist of the second JoJo series, "Battle Tendency." His character is such that he appears in the next two installments, not primarily as the main character but still holds a lot of significance. Joseph's main quest is to defeat the pillar men responsible for making Dio the vampire he is. Joseph spends his time learning Hamon, from the last alive master, who becomes his mother. Joseph then successfully defeats the Pillar men, thinking his quest is over, but he shows up later when Dio returns.

Giorno Giovanna

Giorno is a rather peculiar addition to the Joestar family tree. Giorno is the child of Dio, but since Dio was using Jonathan's body during that time, Giorno is directly a part of the Joestar bloodline. Giorno goes on his separate JoJo bizarre adventure. He is the protagonist of the fifth season of the show. Giorno's powers allow him to manipulate life and create life. His main aim is to become the boss of the Passione Mob and ensure that Naples becomes a prosperous land. He achieves this by the end of the series.

Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro is the grandson of Joseph Joestar and preferably the strongest stand user in the entire storyline. He is the main protagonist of the third arc (Stardust Crusader) of JoJo's Bizarre adventure. Initially, he puts himself voluntarily in jail under the guise that he is possessed. It is later realized that they are his stand powers. Star platinum gives him the ability to stop time. He uses this power to eradicate Dio once and for all.

Josuke Higashikata

Josuke Higashikata is the illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar and lives in Japan. He is the central protagonist of the fifth arc (Diamond is unbreakable) of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. His stand allows him to repair anything, including human beings. His main rival is a serial killer who gets the power of the stand. Josuke and his nephew Jotaro take down the serial killer in the series. As you can see, every member of the Joestar family tree has gone through a bizarre adventure. Since they all have two Jos in their name, the series is named JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

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4. What Next?

Now for the JoJo fans, I am sure the exciting storylines have you intrigued in what's to come next. So we have some really exciting news, the sixth arc Stone Ocean is getting a part 2, which is still very anticipated to drop on Netflix pretty soon. In the seventh arc of the show, steel ball run is also speculated to be under production, although nothing has been confirmed. Keeping all this in mind, the JoJo animated universe is far from done.

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