Hospital Organizational Chart

This article is written for our readers who don't know how to make a perfect hospital organizational chart and its importance. We will tell you how to make a hospital organizational chart in general and show some examples of hospital organizational charts with an efficient tool to create a perfect chart.

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1. The Organizational Structure of Hospitals

Many hospitals don't realize the importance of organizational charts in hospital management. However, having a right tool like an organizational chart in your hand could significantly streamline workflow in a hospital.

Before introducing the layers of hospital organization charts, let us understand what the organizational structure chart is. An organizational structure presents the high-level overview of the business and conveys the roles and responsibilities of every entity working inside the company.

The chart is the abstract view of the organization, which shows the departments functioning, whether independently or cross-functionally. The senior employees use this chart, board of directors, C-Suite, managers, etc., to make decisions about the organization annually or daily.

Five Common Roles in Hospitals and Their Key Responsibilities

The five common roles mean the five layers of positions or departments involved in the hospital's organizational structure. Before making a sustainable hospital organizational chart, it is essential to know about these layers.

The hospital's organizational chart helps the leaders and board of directors make crucial decisions daily or annually regarding the daily operations.

The Board of Directors

Every organization has a board of directors, which act as a governing body and take high-level decisions for the business. Usually, the board of directors in companies comprises entities that represent the shareholders. The board of directors includes health experts, medical university hospitals, and sometimes religious figures in hospitals. These people take every right decision for the hospital, and then those decisions are implemented.

The Executives

The executives implement the decisions imposed by the board of directors for the betterment of the hospital. The executives include Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Technological Officer, and so on, like traditional business executives. These officers, with micro-managers, manage the hospital and take important decisions to make the hospital work perfectly.

Department Managers

The department managers are the head of their relevant department and are responsible for implementing the decisions in their department imposed by the senior executives like the CEO, etc. They manage the day-to-day operations and directly report to the executives.

Patient Care Managers

These hospital employees are patient care managers to see the entities who directly interact with the patients. These patient care managers are the micro-managers who work under the department managers and report to them directly. The department managers can not handle the whole department single-handedly, so they need people to step into their shoes and perform duties on their behalf.

Service Providers

Service providers work under the patient care managers and directly interact with the patients to give the right services to them. These professionals include doctors, nurses, orderlies, physical therapists, laundry workers, and many other people.

2. How to Create a Hospital Organizational Chart?

This section will tell you how to create hospital organizational charts. All the information listed below is written after much research, and so you follow them perfectly without missing any point. If you don't know how to make a perfect hospital organizational chart, then do not get worried; just read the section carefully.

2.1 Identify the type of your hospital structure

At first, you have to perform a crucial task to identify the structure your hospital follows. There are four types of business or hospital organizational charts that you must keep in mind; they are listed below:

Hierarchical organizational chart

Every hospital includes multiple departments on its premises. The hierarchical hospital organizational chart is used to map and track those departments. The hierarchical hospital organizational chart shows the departments and their connection with other entities and departments.

Functional organizational chart

A functional hospital organizational chart is used in such organizations that includes complex hierarchies. Each department head is mentioned in the chart and their information and connection with other departments or positions.

Matrix organizational chart

The matrix hospital organizational charts are used in hospitals that include departments and work cross-functionally; hence, they make complex connections and hierarchies. Sometimes, those departments are not in the exact location or area, so the matrix hospital organizational chart provides a way to handle them.

Circular organizational chart

The circular hospital organizational chart follows the same model as the hierarchical structure chart but circularly. In this type of chart, the highest positions are located at the circle's core, and every posiion below that high-order covers it circularly.

2.2 Gather data of every entity included

You have to get all the data related to the objects, entities, or positions that you will map on the chart. Like, how they are working, who is under them, who supervises the department, why this department is connected to that department, etc.

2.3 Complete the organizational chart

Now, you have to seek the answer to the question about completing the chart. Topping the chart simply means the tool you will use to complete the chart. There are hundreds of tools available on the Internet that you may consult, but always choose the tool that boosts your productivity and helps you avoid errors.

We recommend our users use EdrawMax Online, which contains hundreds of pre-generated templates and more than five thousand diagram-making symbols that will suffice you in your hospital organizational chart making. Take the chart after completion to the seniors to point out the mistakes, and finally, take it to your supervisor, who will take the chart to the executives for approval.

3. Hospital Organizational Chart Examples

For simplicity and to make your concepts more explicit about the hospital organizational chart, we have gathered some practical implementations of the chart that you can see and take ideas from.

Example 1: Hospital Organizational Chart

The hospital organizational chart pinned here represents both the hierarchical and functional organizational chart. The position starts from the executives being counseled by the board of directors. The IT manager is also present in the hospital's leader board for managing the hospital's information systems. You have to do some research about the organizational structure of your hospital. All the departments work cross-functionally and form a hierarchy. You can take ideas from this chart if your hospital forms both the hierarchy and matrix organizational structure.

Example 2: Nursing Organizational Chart

A functional organizational chart is used to handle the areas of the company in which the departments work cross-functionally. This Google organizational chart is more like a functional organizational chart and elaborates that the departments in Google work cross-functionally to make the organization sustainable. If your organization also works cross-functionally, you can also get ideas from here and make your company's organizational chart like this. The chart pinned above also has a small degree of flatness. This chart belongs to that era when Google was just a startup.

Example 3: Finance Office Organizational Chart

It is the perfect example of the finance department organizational structure of the hospital. The story starts with the Chief Financial Officer, the head of the hospital's finance department. As this chart is only for the finance department, it is only implementing the hierarchical model from the types of hospital organizational charts. Below the CFO, multiple micro-managers are operating to manage the staff working below them.

Example 4: Corporate Hospital Organizational Chart

The chart implements the hierarchical structure. It is also an excellent practical example of Avon general hospital that you can implement in your case too. You can also use the details and pictures of every position in your hospital organizational chart. All the entities are connected and take notes from a single position of Chief Operating Officer. It can be assumed from the chart that the hospital is not big, as we discussed in the above examples.

4. Best Hospital Organizational Chart Maker

There are hundreds of tools available on the Internet that you can utilize to make a perfect hospital organizational chart. EdrawMax is a well-known diagram-maker that is helping people in their diagram-making in the most efficient way. The application is bundled with hundreds of features and tools developed to suffice you in diagram-making.

The best thing about EdrawMax is that it is packaged with hundreds of ready-mae templates related to each type of diagram. You can use templates to boost your productivity and avoid mistakes. EdrawMax has more than 5,000 diagram symbols that can easily be added with drag-and-drop functionality. You can import your diagrams for further modifications too. EdrawMax also allows its users to export their projects in multiple file formats.

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