Free Editable Product Roadmap Examples

When a company produces one or more than one product, there are chances of delays in their development. The team may also feel unguided while working on their progress. Thus, the product managers must make a product roadmap, which allows them to communicate their idea about the product with the development team. It can also allow them to work on the task successfully. The product roadmaps can be of different types, and the product managers can check some product roadmap examples before creating their product roadmap.

1. What is The Product Roadmap

The product roadmaps are charts that have the development process that a product has undergone. Or it can include the future progresses that the company is planning for it. These charts can have the details of a single product or multiple of them. It can also have data like the status or theme of the strategic development of the product. The product manager can use these product roadmaps examples to deliver a sketch of the product to the development team.

2. The Product Roadmap Examples

After a company launches a product, they continuously develop it, and certain factors affect them. The process of implementation can be tricky. The product roadmap can help them to figure out the evolution of the product. Here are some product roadmaps examples that the product managers can follow before creating one of their own.

Example 1: App Product Roadmap

A food delivery app can use several platforms for its business. Those platforms may have their features and integration processes. The business team can also incorporate their marketing strategies for the individual platform. Here is a product roadmap example of a food delivery app that shows its features and works on different platforms. The roadmap also specifies the marketing strategies of the app.

App Product Roadmap Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 2: Product Roadmap Example

There can be several steps of modification for a product. There can be different versions of an application in which the company incorporates new features with time. The product manager can make a product roadmap that shows how they have developed the product. In the given product roadmap example, the product manager has shown how it developed with time. They have marked phases like payment method update, Voice control support, Live-chat Chabot release, delivery tracking system, IOS app launch, Android app launch, and more.

Product Roadmap Example Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 3: Product Management Roadmap

Even when a company is working on a single product, there are several things they need to consider. They need to make a single product roadmap to work on the new development or add-ons of the product. They can also consider their future development. Here is a single product roadmap example that shows how different teams related to product development have things listed for development every month.

Product Management Roadmap Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 4: Agile Product Roadmap

When a company needs to work on more than one product, it is always better to strategically plan products development. The product managers can continuously review the development of the products and plan based on the progress. This product roadmap allows them to work on multiple products. The given product roadmap example shows how a company can strategically plan the development of its various products.

Agile Product Roadmap Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 5: Product Roadmap Planning

The product manager needs to prepare agile product roadmaps when they want the team to know about their development. These roadmaps mainly focus on short-term goals which the development team needs to achieve within a particular period. The product manager can also strategically plan the product development to tell the team about their long-term goal for the product.

Product Roadmap Planning Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 6: Sample Product Roadmap

The company can strategically plan out the development of any of its products in terms of monthly progress. They can also track the progress of their product as the task goes forward. Therefore, making it easier for the development team to understand the steps the company wants to follow while developing the product. Here is a product roadmap example that shows how the company has planned the product development throughout the months of a year.

sample product roadmap

Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 7: Product Development Roadmap

The product roadmaps help the product manager to plan out the whole work. It also supports them communicating about the development of the product over the months. They can plan out specific features, analysis, feedback, and product testing details and note them down in the roadmap. They can also work to make a separate column on development and write down the features. In the given product roadmap example, the product manager has listed those features in detail.

Product Development Roadmap Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 8: Software Product Roadmap

When a company is launching a product, they must have some plans for that item. Though the goals may take time to fulfill, they can make the plan divided into three categories. The first category can include those things that the team needs to concentrate on immediately, another is for the upcoming near, and finally the last one for the future. It helps them to complete the task without much difficulty. Here is a product roadmap example that can show this classification of plans.

Software Product Roadmap Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 9: Product Roadmap Visualization

There are different stages of the development of a product. The development team needs to work on some product features immediately. On the other hand, there are some other issues that they can address later. Hence, the product manager can make a product roadmap based on the status of the product. They can mention the problems that the development team needs to work on immediately. It will help them to plan things strategically.

Product Roadmap Visualization Source:EdrawMax Online

3. Online Product Roadmap Maker

Since a product manager needs to work on vast issues while forming their online product roadmap, things may seem complicated. The product managers can effortlessly work on a product roadmap with the help of online tools like EdrawMax. The application comes with templates for the users to work quickly on their product roadmap. The users can also seek help from their resource center if they face any issues.

Use EdrawMax online to create your roadmaps without efforts, just grab a template or choose one from Template Gallery and keep customization as your preference.

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4. Key Takeaways

A company can strategically plan the development of its product, and for that, it can use product roadmaps. The product roadmaps examples can help them to figure out the tasks to opt for smooth progress. The product manager can share the product roadmaps with the development team for work. They can use EdrawMax for the best results, which are very user-friendly. It helps inexperienced users to work seamlessly on their product roadmap.

In conclusion, EdrawMax Online is a quick-start diagramming tool, which is easier to make Product roadmaps and any other visuals. Also, it contains substantial built-in templates that you can use for free, or share your design with others in our Template Community.

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