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The simplest way to produce an accurate copy of your space layout with EdrawMax Online. Easily create a blueprint with accurate, scalable templates and tools.

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Create Blueprints without Much Effort

Facilitate producing detailed blueprints for buildings and products with smart drawing features and scale tools.

  • Pre-designed templates from the gallery to get you started quickly.
  • Industry-standard symbols of different categories to meet specific design needs.
  • Handy drag & drop interface to quickly build and change diagrams.
  • Built-in scale tools and preset precision options to ensure accuracy.
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Share and Export Your Work

Export, Share and Print Creations Freely

Save and show the most up-to-date version of your blueprint with a variety of available options.

  • Get your designs saved in different file formats like JPG, PNG, PDF for easy viewing.
  • Generate links and share with people to obtain instant feedback and helpful advice.
  • Make sure everything in place and flawlessly print your drawing in high quality.

Start A 5 Minutes Challenge to Draw Your Blueprint

Step 1

Step 1

Make researches and prepare all the information you want to put in your blueprint.

Step 2

Step 2

Open EdrawMax and select a built-in blueprint template

Step 3

Step 3

Start to create a sketch of your space and add details about the rooms - you have to be quick in this step :)

Step 4

Step 4

Export or share it, and your blueprint is ready!

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