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What is Pamphlet?

A pamphlet is a kind of booklet that business people use for advertisement. Pamphlets are generally used as a tool for informing prospective buyers and provide information. The best part is that the emergence of creative technology lets you create pamphlets online with simple steps.

Differences between Brochure and Pamphlet

Not many people know the difference between these two. They look almost similar but do have slight variations. Still, confusing? Let’s unravel the mystery!


Pamphlets are generally engaged for non-commercial usage. They are informal and don’t need to entail lots of information. When we start to look at how to make a pamphlet, you’ll notice that they have very few pages and are left unbound. A simple trifold design is good enough for this document.  People use pamphlets mainly for event promotion, political campaigns, and other organizational communications.


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Looking at brochures, they are the in-thing in the business arena. It’s packed with lots of information. It contains multiple pages that are bound together. Brochures are generally for advertising products and services. Notably, they incorporate more images than words.


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How to Make & Design a Pamphlet Online

Edraw Max Online is an intuitive tool that comes with built-in pamphlet templates. However, the choice rests on you. You can create your pamphlet from scratch because this tool has all the leading steps; or, using the ready-made template to create one.  Follow these steps to make your pamphlet using the best online pamphlet maker free.

Step 1. Launch the application

Enter in your browser and launch Edraw Max Online. Sign up an Edraw account with your email address. Thus, you can use this pamphlet maker for free.

After you log in, tap on Graphic Design and choose Brochure (because they are similar to Pamphlet).

open edrawmax

Step 2. Open the editing interface

Whether you choose to make a pamphlet with a template or decide to draw from scratch, you have to open the editing interface by clicking on the + (Brochure) icon or the template thumbnail, then this online pamphlet maker free tool helps you set up things in place.

open a template

Step 3. Add text and images

As you create pamphlets online with Edraw, adding text boxes and images is pretty simple.

Click on the Add Text button on the toolbar and add the text boxes in any place you like. Next, input your text. You can make the necessary adjustments in terms of font styles and sizes with the tools on the toolbar.

add text and image

It’s time to add the desired images to your pamphlet. Click on the Image icon on the right sidebar, tap on Insert Image, choose the desired picture, and that should insert the image instantly. Remember to adjust it to fit as desired.

Step 4. Add symbols and illustrations

As you create your pamphlet online, it’s good to add glamour to the finished product. Edraw has built-in symbols and illustrations that you can use for the final touches. Click on the Symbol Library icon found on the left side of the canvas. Choose your desired symbol categories, then drag and drop your choice to the desired spot.

symbol library

Step 5. Export and save your diagram

Once you’ve learned how to make a pamphlet, you should also know how to export it as other file formats. Edraw Max Online supports the exportation of images, enabling you to save your diagram to Google Drive or Dropbox.

To export your pamphlet diagram, click on the File tab. Then scroll down and chose the Export option. Remember to select the desired format from Graphics, PDF, Html, Office, and SVG. Alternatively, you can print your finished product. To do this, click on the File tab, then choose the Print option and print your pamphlet.

export pamphlet

Free and Editable Pamphlet Templates

The aforementioned is what it takes to create pamphlets online. Besides, Edraw Max provides a collection of free and editable pamphlet templates.

Church profile pamphlet template

This template is suitable for a church profile setup. You can personalize it and insert the needed pictures and events of your church.

church profile pamphlet

Process profile pamphlet template

This profile pamphlet template is customizable, and you can use it to pass information about your business or any upcoming event.

process steps pamphlet

Pink simple pamphlet template

Maybe you need to add a unique touch to your pamphlet template, and this is the best option as it will let you add all you need within.

pink simple pamphlet

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