The Ultimate Coco Family Tree

Coco will have a special place forever. However, remembering all of the names in this large family is difficult. A special tool can help you with your Rivera family tree.

1. The Coco Family

Coco is a fantasy animated film. The plot revolves around Miguel, a 12-year-old boy who is accidentally transported to the Land of the Dead. Coco was inspired by the Mexican holiday of 'Day of the Dead.' Everyone makes food and decorates for their ancestors on this day. It entails family and friends gathering to pay their respects and remember deceased members. These commemorations can take on a humorous tone as celebrants recall amusing events and anecdotes about the deceased.

Miguel aspires to be a musician despite his family's strict prohibition. When Miguel strums Ernesto's guitar, he is transported to the Land of the Dead. Miguel seeks the assistance of his deceased musician, great-great-grandfather. He seeks his grandfather's blessing in the land of the dead to return to his family among the living and overturn his family's ban on music. Many mysteries about Miguel's family emerge as he struggles to return to the living world.

What Makes the Coco Popular?

It's a captivating Pixar film that's culturally rich and beautifully presented. However, what made this movie so popular was how it highlighted Mexican culture. In addition, everything in the film was well-balanced, from the animations to the music to the culture. The importance of family is a recurring theme throughout the film. If we are fortunate enough to have a family that loves and cares for us, we should return that love and never forget them, even after they have crossed over.

  • Pixar’s Coco is essentially a love letter to Mexico.
  • It emphasizes the significance of family and learning about our forefathers.
  • It was praised for its music, visuals, emotions, and cultural display.
  • Coco's imaginative adventure story allows us to explore not only culture but also difficult-to-address topics.
  • It is incredible how the filmmakers were able to provide us with two very distinct and extremely detailed worlds.

Spoiler Warning: Spoilers are also included in multiple places in this article.

2. The Cocos Family Tree

You will enjoy it a lot as we will discuss the Coco family tree in this section. You can learn from here and discuss the cartoon show characters in front of your friends to flex.

The Riveras are a Santa Cecilia-born family of shoemakers and musicians. Imelda started this family with her husband Héctor, and she had Coco. Héctor is brother of Rosita. Coco is now the family's matriarch, who spans generations and connects everything. With her husband Julio, she had Victoria and Elena. Elena had three children with Franco; Berto, Enrique, and Gloria. Berto married Carmen and had four children, Abel, Rosa, Benny, and Manny. While Enrique married Luisa and had Socorro and our main character Miguel.

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Cocos Family Treee

3. How to Draw Coco Family Trees Online?

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Draw Coco Family Trees Online

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