How to Draw Architecture Diagram

If you are looking to learn how to draw architecture diagrams, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, you will learn how to draw architectural diagrams and some tips for further understand it.

1. Introduction

Architecture Diagrams are tools that enable you to represent the abstract form of a software system while describing the different dynamics and relationships that occur between the involved components. By using architecture diagrams, you can create an easy-to-understand structure of an otherwise perplexing system. Next, we will introduce how to draw architecture diagrams in details.

how to draw context diagram

2. What to Know Before Creating an Architecture Diagram

Before we get to the part where we learn how to draw architecture diagram, let us first look at some things that you need to know and understand beforehand.

1. Stick to a key when it comes to your document

In diagrams, meanings can be oftentimes described by a shape. A circle may denote one thing while a square may stand for something else. In order to make sure that nothing is misinterpreted in your diagram, you should create a key or document explaining the denotation that each shape performs. Colors and shapes of arrows should also be included in this sort of document.

2. Avoid ambiguity by providing information correctly

There are a lot of different ways where ambiguity can be created in an architecture diagram. The above step viz. the creation of a key is to reduce and eliminate ambiguity.

Another step and factor that you should understand when creating an architecture diagram is the information you provide to the audience. When putting the arrows between the different elements and components, you should adequately portray the information or data which the arrow is representing.

3. Using proper diagram-creation software

When making an architecture diagram, the best way to go is to use dedicated software –like EdrawMax. The benefit of using dedicated software is twofold. One is the ease and efficiency with which the diagram can be made and the other is the option of using existing templates to save time.

4. Create your Architecture Diagram

Once you are all set and ready to go, the next thing is to actually create the Architecture Diagram. In the next part of this guide, we are going to look at an in-depth tutorial on how you can make one using EdrawMax Online .

3. How to Create an Architecture Diagram

Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to create an architecture diagram using EdrawMax Online.

Step 1.
Sign Up or Login EdrawMax Online

The first thing you need to do to get started with EdrawMax is to sign up. If you are already a member, you can simply log in using your details and get started.

How to Draw Architecture Diagram

When signing up, some details such as your name, email address, and password are required. Once you are all signed up, open up EdrawMax Online.

Step 2.
Select ‘Program Structure’

Once you are done signing up/logging in, you need to get a blank canvas to start your diagram. To do that, go to the menu at the left of the screen. On the top of this menu, you will see ‘New’. Click on ‘New’ and you will see an expanded menu. From there, select Software Development and choose ‘Program Structure’. Click on the ‘+’. This will open up the blank slate.

How to Draw Architecture Diagram
Step 3.
Drag and Drop Shapes and Symbols

In the blank screen, you will see a menu on the left side of the screen. From this menu, you can select shapes and symbols for your diagram. You can simply click and hold over the shapes to drag them over to your desired location.

How to Draw Architecture Diagram
Step 4.
Customize and Polish the Diagram

The basic layout can be created using the shapes and symbols but you will need to add some colors, arrowheads, and text to actually make sense. This can all be done from the bar situated at the top of the window.

How to Draw Architecture Diagram
Step 5.
Choose a Template

If you are not inclined to make a diagram right from scratch, you can choose a template and edit it online to fit your need. Find all templates in EdrawMax Template Gallery.

How to Draw Architecture Diagram

By clicking on the ‘Use Immediately’ button, you can instantly start editing the template as your own.

Step 7.
Save and Export to Other Formats

Once you are done creating your diagram or editing your template, you can save your work online on the cloud. You can also export your file to your desired format such as PDF, Word file, Excel, or PPT.

How to Draw Architecture Diagram

4. Expert Tips for Creating Architecture Diagram

1. Provide a legend or key to show what the different shapes, arrow types, and colors in your drawing denote. The edges of the different shapes also carry a separate meaning. In your legend, also include what the different types of edges indicate

2. Color code the components in your drawing. By color-coding elements of a similar nature, you will be able to make the readability better

3. Whenever possible, use a pre-made template for your diagram. Using a template helps save time, and makes your diagram look professional

4. You can also use different types of shapes in order to denote the nature of a certain element in the drawing. A cylindrical shape can denote databases while rectangular shapes can indicate involved individuals and people. This can be seen in the LMS architecture template we saw above

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5. FAQs About Creating Architecture Diagram

What are the different types of architectural diagrams?

There are different types of architectural diagrams, each of which is suitable for a certain purpose or system. These types include:

  1. Application Architecture Diagram
  2. Integration Architecture Diagram
  3. Deployment Architecture Diagram
  4. DevOps Architecture Diagram
  5. Data Architecture Diagram

These different types of architecture diagrams are for particular instances and situations. You can make yours on EdrawMax using a template, or from scratch using the various shapes, tools, and features.

What is System Architecture Diagram with example?

A System Architecture Diagram is an architecture diagram that deals in representing the overall working of a system including boundaries, constraints, and interrelationships of included components/processes. An example of a system architecture diagram is the LMS diagram we discussed in the guide above. The LMS diagram depicts a Learning Management System.

How to draw system architecture diagram?

In this guide, we looked at some prerequisites that you need to take care of before making the diagram. After those are done, you can draw the system architecture diagram using EdrawMax online. A stepwise tutorial is also given in the guide.

You can use a template from the Template Gallery, or you can start from scratch and make an original one on your own.

6. Key Takeaways

  • Using architecture diagrams is a great way to depict and show the working of a system because they are easy to make and easy to understand.
  • Being systematic and organized is essential when creating an architectural diagram. This can be achieved by documenting the diagram or creating a key.
  • EdrawMax can be used to create diagrams from scratch but you can also use templates to save time making the basic layout

Learning how to make architectural diagrams is quite easy and useful. These diagrams are great for representing systems, their involved components, and the dynamics between said components. By using EdrawMax Online , you can create awesome-looking diagrams to share with teammates or to share with your higher-ups. Start with the architecture diagram examples architecture diagram examples right now.

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