Samsung Value Chain Analysis

The Samsung value chain analysis is a control assisting structure that helps you improve old strategies and introduce new and perfect innovative methodologies. Generally, it is a visually presentable analytic report that identifies activities.

1. Lead-in

Every industry in the world strives for excellence. Undoubtedly, for a controller, everything feels like going in the right direction. Yet, many times, things may go wrong due to diverse factors. A value chain analysis comes for help here by highlighting the improvement areas.Besides that, a value chain is an effective way to identify your activities. It gives you a detailed analysis of the tasks you performed for the good of the company and guides how you can execute the remaining ones.

Reading these benefits, you may inquire about what is a value chain. As simple as it states, the value chain is a visual analytic report of a company with strategic activity-related data. The best way to understand one is through a direct example. In this article, we bring a well-known firm-Samsung analytic report copy for you. With the help of Samsung value chain (Analysis), you can learn how to read a value chain analysis report. Plus, by the end, you'll be able to create your own chart.

2. Background of Samsung

Samsung has been supplying exceptional products with cutting-edge technology. Primarily, it includes smartphones, TVs, home appliances, and AVs. The company is of South Korean Origin. Daegu founded the firm on 1st March 1938. By the end of 2020, the corporation has been marked as the world's 8th largest tech product manufacturer. Samsung is a multinational regional corporation headquartered in Seoul city of South Korea. According to experts, in 2021, its revenue will increase to 211.7 billion USD.

3. Samsung Value Chain Analysis

According to Micheal E Porter, the firms' infrastructure has a complex connected relation with distributors and suppliers. So, these working individuals need different activities to tell them how to perform. In addition, these activities of a Samsung value chain are a direct way for controllers to keep track of the employees and look for needed improvement.

Primary Activities

Primary activities have a direct relationship with customer satisfaction. Any improvement in these activities can induce changes in product quality, pre-sale service, and transportation success. Value chain activities that collectively create the group are explained below. These will tell you what the value chain analysis is.

  • Inbound logistics
  • The inflow of goods for product creation is related to inbound logistics. Samsung has a 2500 supply chain. For that reason, Samsung value chain (Analysis) keeps the inbound logistic strategy strong. Mostly, its suppliers are in Asia. Yet, some of them are present in the US and other countries as well. Samsung Electronic Logitech (SELC) is the logistics management sub-corporation for the firm. It separated from the company's logistics arm in 1998.

  • Operations
  • From 1938 to 2022, Samsung stepped into various new areas of product businesses. Collectively, it runs seven big manufacturing stations located in different cities. Besides that, the firm has research and development sections- referred to as R&D sections. These are present in 11 different locations that help create new and better products.

  • Outbound Logistics
  • Outbound logistics comes from the flow of completely manufactured goods from a company to customers and the market. The subsidiaries hired by Samsung take care of outbound logistics transportation mechanisms. SELC and Samsung SDC are principal subsidiaries that help the corporation manage logistics.

  • Marketing And Sales
  • Samsung has been competing with top brands and crossed them in the past. All that happened because of an excellent marketing strategy and sale temptation. Mainly the firm uses digital marketing procedures to promote its products. In addition, the corporation also uses CSR methodology to maintain a solid reputation.

  • Service
  • The global sellers and distributors of Samsung provide pre-sale service. They also have exceptional customer service, providing an after-sale servicing feature. Only India has 3000 service centers for Samsung, making it a customer-oriented firm. Plus, you can schedule an appointment through several channels that help you build unbreakable confidence.

Support Activities

Same as the name calls out; these activities are there to support the primary activities and their causes in Samsung value chain. Support activities are specially for assisting features as they help improve the existing methodologies and strategies.

  • Firm Infrastructure
  • Ki Nam Kim, the CEO of Samsung, has distributed the businesses into four different operational divisions. The vice president and president of the company collectively operate the company by dividing sub-departments each other. Ki Nam Kim directs the semiconductor, device solutions, and memory business. However, President Hyun Suk Kim heads the consumer technology business.

  • Human Resources
  • The HRM of Samsung not only focuses on training employees but also helps them grow fast throughout their careers and stay satisfied with their job. The company focuses on bringing high equity to women inside the empowerment organization. Besides that, the company offers competitive salaries that help build loyal and trusted employees.

  • Technology Development
  • Technology is the most important part of Samsung value chain. It needs to stay aligned with the advancing technology; otherwise, it will be left behind. For that reason, Samsung has built numerous research and development sections that invest hefty cash in developing technological evolution.

  • Procurement
  • A constant supply of products is possible only if Samsung has a continuous supply of raw materials. Samsung has 216 bases around the world in 76 countries. Besides that, the firm's international procurement center also helps manage supplier and receiver connections.

4. How to Do a Value Chain Analysis in EdrawMax

Now, as you are aware of the value chain ups and downs, you may ask how to do a value chain analysis. We bring you the good news, it isn't difficult at all, provided you have enough data and a proper program for visualization.

The task is simple with a better program such as EdrawMax. It is simple yet effective visualization software that can help you create several different charts and maps in a snap. The best thing is that it all comes for free. EdrawMax is essentially beneficial for every type of individual. It doesn't matter if you are a well-versed designing expert or a typical individual with basic design knowledge; the program will serve its purpose. Following are the steps to do a value chain analysis of your corporation in EdrawMax.

  • Step 1: Download the program from the official website of EdrawMax. For this, head over to your browser and then search engine. Type "EdrawMax Download" now, open the official page link, and choose your package to download the software. Once downloaded, click on the .exe format file to install. Finally, get all the necessary information about activities and strategies to start the production process.
  • How to Make a Value Chain Analysis
  • Step 2: Once you have installed the program, open it and create an account using the email. Log in using the credentials and click "New" to start creating the chart from scratch. Head to business>Marketing and strategy>Value chain analysis chart to get a basic layout. In addition, you can get a well-customized template of the value chain analysis report from the massive template community of EdrawMax. Just click "templates" and then select the desired one by the "use immediately"
  • How to Make a Value Chain Analysis
  • Step 3: Once you got the desired layout or template set, start adding the text inside them. You can create or delete the components according to data requirements. Plus, you can organize them accordingly. While adding the text, you can also change the font, color, and size.
  • How to Make a Value Chain Analysis
  • Step 4: Start customizing afterward. You can add new components and remove previous elements. Plus, EdrawMax supplies you with a massive range of symbols. You can add one of them or create new ones and save them in your library.
  • How to Make a Value Chain Analysis
  • Step 5: Start customizing afterward. You can add new components and remove previous elements. Plus, EdrawMax supplies you with a massive range of symbols. You can add one of them or create new ones and save them in your library. Besides that, click the "Publish" button to share it on the platform.
  • How to Make a Value Chain Analysis

5. Key Takeaways

From the above expressions, we can say that the value chain analysis is the best way to identify your essential activities and work to improve them. The analytic report not only helps you get supremacy in strategic exposure but also helps you get rid of any human or digital error in the corporation. The best example is Samsung value chain (Analysis) which has been a factor of marked success and massive revenue for the company.

Furthermore, the analytic report has made the company value-yielding for the customers. To do an ideal value chain analysis, you need a perfect value chain chart that is possible only with an appropriate program. EdrawMax Online is a well-known expert-suggested online software that has been a versatile choice for customers, all thanks to its template community and 26000 numbered symbol library. The program has a hassle-free user experience that you can judge yourself for free right now.

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