KFC SWOT Analysis

One of the major strengths of KFC is that it has a wide reach in the market. Check out EdrawMax's SWOT analysis of KFC, where we analyze the brand by its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats.

1. Lead-in

SWOT analysis is a powerful marketing tool widely used by the management to know about the company's internal factors like strengths and weaknesses. It also gives an idea about their market potential, future opportunities, and threats. The management can use SWOt analysis to strategize their plans. KFC is one of the dominating names in the fast food market. It has its restaurants scattered all over the world.

Multiple internal factors have impacted the growth of the business. KFC SWOT Analysis can analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats responsible for their present status in the market. In this article, to understand the importance of SWOT analysis, we will help you create a SWOT analysis using the free templates and components by EdrawMax Online.

2. About KFC

2.1 Introduction of KFC

KFC is one of the leading fast food chains in the world. It has its headquarters in the US. Though many fast-food chains have fried chicken on their menu, KFC is known for providing quality service and earning customer satisfaction. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, KFC earned a 79 score, with the fourth rank among fast-food restaurants. They have successfully maintained this score over the years. The company operates globally and is available in more than 26,900 locations in 146 countries. Based on YUM brand's 2020 report, KFC has 84% of restaurants in the international market, while their franchises manage 99% of locations. KFC SWOT Analysis can offer insight into their future growth and favorable or adverse market conditions. It is essential to know the basic details of KFC to do a thorough KFC SWOT Analysis:

2.2 Overview of KFC

Name KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)
Founded 20th March 1930
Industries served: Fast food
Geographical areas served: Worldwide
Headquarters: Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Current CEO: Sabir Sami
Revenue (US$): 31.365 billion (in 2021)
Employees: 820,000
Main competitors: McDonald's, Subway, Wendy's, Burger King Worldwide Inc.

2.3 History of KFC

1930 KFC started its journey in the USA.
1937 Restaurant expansion to 142 seats.
1940 Sanders finalized his original recipe of chicken.
1963 KFC was the first fast-food chain to open in Mexico.
1965 KFC opened its first overseas branch in Lancashire.
1987 KFC became the first Western fast-food chain to open in China.
1990s Hot wings, popcorn chicken, and Zinger are launched in the market.
1994 KFC has more than 5000 outlets in the US and more than 9400 in the world in total.
2002 KFC has more than 5000 outlets in the US and more than 9400 in the world in total.
2016 Company became the largest fast-food chain in Malaysia.
2019 KFC opened in Finland operated by franchises.
2020 Finland's first KFC restaurant was opened at the Itis shopping center in Itäkeskus, Helsinki.
2022 Came under the scrutiny of Animal rights activists who found birds in poor condition in one of the chicken farms.

3. SWOT Analysis of KFC


  • Brand Recognition: KFC is one of the well-known fast food chains. They have customers worldwide, and their marketing strategies have helped them increase KFC's brand recognition. Their delicious fried chicken has helped them garner a customer base. Besides their meat menus, some visitors enjoy non-meat dishes. KFC has franchises, and the company's relationship with the franchises helps them expand their business.
  • Secret Recipe: The brand claims its fried chicken is unique because of the spices. They use 11 secret spices and herbs in their recipe, which makes them different from others. They bring the items from multiple suppliers to maintain secrecy. This 'secret recipe' has captivated customers all over the world. It also works as a marketing gimmick for promoting their fried chicken.
  • Global Presence: KFC is an international brand and is available in 26,934 locations across the globe. They are not only popular in the US, but the company has also successfully penetrated some emerging markets and increased its sales. Their expansion in China shows their experience with the non-US market. Their idea about the target markets has helped them with consistent growth. They have also added menus according to the local taste to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction.
  • Efficient in Production: KFC is one of the most valuable brands, with 5.4 billion worth. They have a loyal customer base, which reflects in their sales because they have the resources to invest in multiple departments. As a leading company, they have arranged their production unit to produce perfect quality products within a short time. It has increased its efficiency to serve the maximum number of people at a time.


  • Unhealthy Menu: KFC's menu has a large number of items that has fat, salt, or sugar, making them high-calorie and unhealthy dishes. Many customers are choosing healthy alternatives as people are becoming health conscious. Organizations working on health and obesity are also protesting against KFC. These have negatively impacted the business of the brand.
  • Untrustworthy suppliers: For a business, having a smooth supply chain is very important. The customers prefer high-quality livestock raised in good condition. However, the suppliers often fail to keep up with this, and KFC has to experience backlash. KFAC had to temporarily close its operation in 2018 because the supplier delayed the delivery.
  • Problems with Franchises: The operations of KFC are highly dependent on the franchises. It makes it difficult for the brand to control the quality of food and service. Poor franchise management can decrease brand sales, and it may also hamper the brand's image.
  • Negative publicity: KFC has often suffered due to negative publicity; the organizations working on health have protested against their food quality and menu. Apart from that, criticism regarding unethical business practices, poor treatment of the employees, dangerous food handling, inhuman condition of the livestock, etcetera. These scandals have harmed the business of KFC. It has also decreased its profit.


  • Adding Healthy Alternatives: KFC needs to add healthy dishes to its menu to attract the health-conscious young generations. Many individuals are interested in consuming gluten-free and sugar-free items. KFC can use organic products and have items without gluten and sugar, thus, increasing the number of customers.
  • Automation: Fast food chains depend heavily on the supply chain to conduct their operations smoothly. Therefore any problem in the supply chain can disrupt their business. KFC can invest in automation to increase the pace of the production process. They can use technology to create a streamline between the supply chain, production unit, and franchise distributors.
  • Solving Franchise problem: KFC, as a business, massively depends on franchises. The management must use strategies and codes of conduct to control the food quality and management of the franchises. They can solve those problems that the franchises face to ensure premium service levels and food quality.
  • Innovative Marketing: Since KFC has high brand recognition, it can reach a large audience. The brand can use creative campaigns to show its social responsibilities. It can improve the brand image, and its campaign might interest potential customers.


  • Health Activism: KFC has earned its success by selling fast food, but many activists are voicing their thoughts against the harmful sides of fast food consumption. It may negatively impact the business of KFC.
  • Economic conditions: The world economy is not stable yet, and since KFC is a global brand, economic conditions may harm their business. Inflation, unemployment, and foreign currency exchange rate are some of the problems that might reflect on their profit.
  • Lawsuits: For brands like KFC, even small slips can result in legal problems. These lawsuits can ruin the positive brand image of the company. At the same time, the compensation and cost of legal proceedings may drain out a good portion of their resources.
  • Competition: Multiple giant fast-food chains can emerge as strong competitors to KFC. The government often promotes local shops. Moreover, these local shops are also aware of the tastes locales prefer. Therefore, these local fast food brands can also take away some of the customers from KFC.

KFC SWOT Analysis Diagram

As you have seen here, the organization's SWOT analysis helps us understand its multiple opportunities and threats and how it can utilize its strengths and overcome its weaknesses. In order to understand the SWOT analysis better, we will create a KFC SWOT analysis diagram using the free templates and components offered by EdrawMax.

4. Free SWOT Analysis Diagram Creator

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5. Key Takeaways

As a fast food chain, KFC may face challenges due to current economic conditions. Moreover, if people's lifestyles and food habits change, things will become challenging for KFC. The brand can invest in marketing and new healthy options to attract more customers. KFC SWOT Analysis shows that emerging markets have an immense possibility of growth for the company. KFC can properly strategize and unify the management of their franchises to offer a smooth and best quality service to their customers.

EdrawMax is one such tool that offers a wide range of customization offers to your SWOT analysis templates. This free SWOT analysis creator comes for all the major operating systems, and you can even check out EdrawMax Online if you are planning to access your remote files. Download EdrawMax today and create some amazing SWOT analysis diagrams for your organization or company.


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