Intel SWOT Analysis

Here is EdrawMax's SWOT analysis of Intel which is one of the best technology companies in the world and is world-renowned for its processors.

1. Lead-in

SWOT Analysis is the analysis done of a company based on the four key features: strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat. Intel SWOT Analysis does the same thing. Intel is an American company that mainly works to develop the microprocessors found in most personal computers worldwide.

The SWOT Analysis for Intel will deal with the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that a company may face. This SWOT Analysis of Intel will help the management staff and professionals determine where the company stands among its competitors and what will help them in the future. In this guide to master SWOT Analysis, we will introduce a free SWOT analysis creator EdrawMax Online that helps create wonderful SWOT analysis diagrams with utter ease.

2. About Intel

2.1 Introduction of Intel

Intel is an American multinational company that works with technology. If taken under consideration via revenue, this company can be mentioned as the world's largest semiconductor chip manufacturer and is also the developer of the x86 instruction set series, which can be found in most personal computers. Intel secured the 45th rank in the Fortune 500 2020 list. The Intel SWOT Analysis is nothing but to take precautions to make proper decisions regarding the company in the future.

2.2 Overview of Intel

Name Intel Corporation
Founded 18th July 1968
Industries served: Semiconductors, computer hardware, autonomous cars, automation, artificial intelligence
Geographical areas served: Worldwide
Headquarters: Santa Clara, California, US
Current CEO: Pat Gelsinger
Revenue (US$): US$ 79.02 billion approximately as of 2021
Net income (US$): US$ 19.87 billion approximately as of 2021
Employees: 121,100 approximately as of 2021
Main competitors: IBM, NVIDIA, AMD, Qualcomm, and Symantec

2.3 History of Intel

1968: Founded in Mountain View California and named NM Electronics
1969: 3101 Schottky TTL Bipolar 64-bit static random-access memory (SRAM) entered the market.
1969: 3301 Schottky bipolar 1024-bit read-only memory (ROM) was produced.
1969: Intel had their first commercial on a metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) silicon gate SRAM chip, the 256-bit 1101.
1970: Intel had their first commercial on a metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) silicon gate SRAM chip, the 256-bit 1101.
1971: Created the first commercially available microprocessor.
1972: Created the first commercially available microprocessor.
1973: Created one of the first microcomputers.
Till 2020: Faced many hardships and even tried to enter the smartphone industry.
2022: Signed a 30 billion USD partnership with Brookfield Asset Management.

3. SWOT Analysis of Intel


  • Leading the technology market: Intel is known to have produced several products that have helped the technology department. One can consider it the leader because the company uses its chips in computers, laptops, and for gaming purposes all over the world, and its Intel inside is one of the leading campaigns that has ever taken place.
  • Brand value: Intel can be among the top ten firms concerning brand value and reputation. According to many ranking agencies, Intel's technology is one of the best available in the market. These rankings have helped it to gain popularity amongst its competitors.
  • Enormous Clientele: Intel has a massive clientele putting up a challenge for other companies. Consumers tend to opt for companies they can rely on and have the best products from the diverse options available.
  • Partners with Microsoft: Having proper business mergers and acquisitions is one of the best qualities a company or business can have. Intel's partnership with Microsoft has given them a competitive advantage in the market. Microsoft, the leading company in its field, brings a more positive light to Intel and its products.


  • No service in developing countries: Intel provides pretty good services in developed countries, but that cannot be said when it comes to developing countries. So, Intel should give better services to these developing economies.
  • Decrease in profit earned: Since the early 2000s, Intel has been facing a steady drop in its market share. Thus, the company had to face significant losses.
  • Over-production of products: Intel is known to have this habit of overproducing, which leads to flooding its products in the market. It then directly affects their profits and the demand for their products in the market.
  • No presence in the mobile industry: Even though Intel tried to be a part of the mobile industry initially, it failed to show some impact in the said industry. Being a part of the smartphone industry would have been a good thing for the company, but unfortunately, that idea became unsuccessful.


  • Reach diverse places for business: Intel should broaden the spectrum of its business. They should reach those places they haven't explored yet. Diversifying their company will help them increase the profit level that has gone down.
  • Enter the smartphone business industry: They should again try to enter the smartphone industry to be a part of one of the biggest technological industries in the current economy. They can earn their lost reputation and become one of the ruling companies in the industry.
  • Increase demand for computers: Intel can consider the increased demand for computers as it has become a necessary object in every household nowadays for people of any age group.
  • Increased usage of drones: Using drones might be a new concept, but it has become quite the rage in today's world. Drones are used for security and academic purposes, and more, and if Intel can become a part of this, it will give them a competitive edge in the market.


  • Many competitors: It is normal to have competitors in a booming industry like technology. Intel faces the same threat from other strong, well-reputed competitors in the market.
  • Dependent on one product: Intel is too dependent on one of its products, and if one of its competitors comes with a better version of the same product, Intel would be out of business.
  • Chinese products: Chinese products have become a part of almost every industry, especially the technology market. The perpetual of their product is questionable. However, the availability and low price make up for it. Intel needs to fight a price war as Chinese products threaten its business.
  • Different needs and demands of customers: Hands-free products are what people need nowadays, and Intel needs to work hard to enter that industry as soon as possible.

Intel SWOT Analysis Diagram

As you saw here, SWOT analysis is an integral part of any organization's progress as it not only depicts the strengths and weaknesses in detail but also introduces the opportunities and threats it faces. In order to retain the information for a long time, students and professionals are advised to work on an Intel SWOT analysis diagram using the astounding customization options offered by EdrawMax.

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5. Key Takeaways

The Intel SWOT Analysis analyzes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in detail. Considering the SWOT analysis, one can say that the company can gain a competitive advantage in the market while maintaining its brand image and by trying to provide better services in developing economies. Moreover, Intel should also construct a better strategy to combat the Chinese market. Apart from that, they should also consider entering the smartphone market again. If you want to examine the market position of Intel concerning its competitors, then the SWOT Analysis for Intel is the best way to do it.

With EdrawMax Online, you can create some great SWOT analysis diagrams that can be shared across different social media platforms. This free SWOT analysis creator allows you to export your file to different file formats, helping you to have better collaboration options. With the in-built templates of EdrawMax, creating and customizing SWOT analysis diagrams is a piece of cake. Download EdrawMax as per your operating system and create some amazing SWOT analysis diagrams.


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