Free Editable SOAPSTone Graphic Organizer Examples

SOAPSTone Graphic Organizer is an example of analytic rubric that evaluates a literature piece. It is used for both educational purposes and evaluating literature works. In this article, we will share some valuable information about what SOAPSTone is and some examples of free editable ones. It will help students and literature analysts to some great extent.

1. What is a SOAPSTone Graphic Organizer

In basic terms, SOAPSTone is an acronym that represents a series of questions that one needs to ask for primary source document analysis. The SOAPSTone Graphic Organizer helps writers, speakers, even readers to come up with some great output. The SOAPSTone strategy stands for the following

  • S denotes the subject of the written or verbal piece. It answers the question regarding what general topics or ideas the text contains.
  • O stands for the occasion. It answers the setting, time, and place of the piece.
  • A denotes the audience. It provides information regarding whom the piece is directed to.
  • P denotes the purpose. What is the reason or purpose of this written or verbal piece?
  • S stands for the speaker. It does not necessarily denote a specific person but the voice that tells the story.
  • Tone denotes the tone, the emotional characteristics or altitude, of the written or verbal piece.

2. The SOAPSTone Graphic Organizer Examples

For most people, writing something engaging is as challenging as it can get. And here comes the role of SOAPSTone. It helps writers, especially students, to come up with more persuasive content. It helps speakers in the same manner. The same way, readers can easily grasp the proper meaning of a written or verbal piece. No matter the content type, the SOAPSTone strategy is a must for drafting a masterpiece. In the following paragraphs, we will share some SOAPSTone Graphic Organizer examples.

Example 1: SOAPSTone Graphic Organizer

This is amazing to tool summarize, analyze as well as find out the context, the characters of a text or composition. This can be highly beneficial for a student to represent her/his thoughts and findings in a text. A teacher can go through the SOAPSTone Graphic Organizer of a student and determine the understanding of the student. Here, the reader can find out who is the speaker, the occasion for the text, who are the targeted audience and what is the purpose of the text. the reader/listener will answer questions like age, gender, or educational background of the speaker, in the context of occasion the probing questions will be like the reason for writing the text, the timing and place of the writing, and what are the factors that gave rise of the writing.

SOAPSTone Graphic Organizer Source: EdrawMax Online Edit Now

Example 2: SOAPSTone Graphic Organizer for Google Classroom

As most of the classes are being conducted online, the SOAPSTone graphic organizer for google classroom has become an essential tool to evaluate the students. Here, a similar graphic organizer is found that is customized for google classroom. This is a digital template that is easy to fill out and teachers can navigate the students about their doings. From different sites, teachers can buy the template. At the very beginning, the students answer like article title, the name of the author, then they will answer questions like who is the speaker is followed by the occasion of the text, audience, purpose of writing, subject, and finally the tone. For the google classroom template, the students must give evidence of the findings of the answers, such as on which page, which paragraph they found out the answers.

SOAPSTone Graphic Organizer for Google Classroom Source: EdrawMax Online Edit Now

Example 3: SOAPSTone Graphic Organizer Template

SOAPSTone Graphic Organizer templates vary in the basis of their usage. For academic educational purposes, the course instructor or teacher will create a template that best fulfills the demand. Or, they can download templates from various sites that offer the same. However, some sites do not allow free download.

SOAPSTone Graphic Organizer Template Source: EdrawMax Online Edit Now

Example 4: SOAPSTone Graphic Organizer Template

SOAPSTone Graphic Organizers are often found as PDF formats. You can use them online as editable pdfs. Or, you can also download and print them for offline use. It is commonly seen in institutes for educational purposes. The teacher or instructor provides the necessary documents and the printed pdf; the students then go through the document and fill out the columns accordingly.

SOAPSTone Graphic Organizer Template Source: EdrawMax Online Edit Now

Example 5: SOAPSTone Worksheet

Just like other SOAPSTone types, a SOAPSTone worksheet brings out the same answers. However, a worksheet, in this case, includes the questions in detail. Furthermore, the details of the document are also found on the same. SOAPSTone worksheets usually include two columns besides the acronym-elaboration, guiding questions and their answers. The questions are similar to the other SOAPSTone examples. They require information about the speaker and the viewpoint of the document. It requires information about when and where the document was created. Sometimes, the occasion part requires some more information like what caused the document to be written. The remaining four parts also go the same way.

SOAPSTone Worksheet Source: EdrawMax Online Edit Now

Example 6: SOAPStone Graphic Organizer for Rhetorical Analysis

It is a similar thing to the others, the findings for rhetorical analysis. The analyzer will find out about the point of view as well as about the speaker. Again, he/she will find out the occasion such as any political incident that integrated the writer or any other observation or celebration related to the occasion, the purpose like what is the message, what the speaker wanted to convey, the subject like the ideas present in the article, interference of the reader. While citing the shreds of evidence the reader describes if the author was biased, neutral, emotional about the topic, then the reader will also comment about the wording, syntax of the text. Finally, the metaphor and other imaginary subjects will be noted in the tone segment of the organizer.

SOAPStone Graphic Organizer for Rhetorical Analysis Source: EdrawMax Online Edit Now

3. Online SOAPSTone Graphic Organizer Maker

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4. Key Takeaways

Graphic Organizers are a great help for teachers, students, even professionals to grasp some concepts easily. Similarly, SOAPSTone Graphic Organizer helps them easily analyze and evaluate literature pieces. However, with the best tool in hand, you can always do better. And that is where EdrawMax Online comes in handy. The tool will help you with the best service regarding graphic organizing. You can check out the rest yourself, and you won’t be disappointed. You can find out more graphic organizer examples in the Template Gallery.

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