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Are you looking to make a persuasion map but are not able to find any good tools to do so? Making persuasive maps from scratch using simple drawing software can be quite difficult. In most cases, it is far easier to use a dedicated application or a pre-set template. In this post, we are going to learn some basics about persuasive maps as well as some suitable examples/templates.

1. What Is a Persuasion Map

A persuasion map can be defined as a concept map that allows students to structure and arrange their arguments for a debate, essay, or paper. Using this map, students can first enumerate three different reasons in support of their argument, and then further list three points in substantiation of each reason.

Persuasive maps are highly important as they allow the students to give a defined shape to their arguments. If all the reasons and their validations are merely memorized or thought about, it can lead to confusion, and that can be disastrous for the debater. By mapping out all the points, the ideas can be retained with clarity and efficiently projected when the need arises.

There are generally three sections in these maps. They are the 'Goals/Thesis', 'Main Reasons', and then 'Facts or Examples' for each reason. Some maps templates also come with the option of adding a conclusion at the end so that the argument can be presented in summation.

2. The Persuasion Map Examples

Persuasion maps are, in a way, essential for any sort of argument or debate. While spontaneous and impromptu arguments are the specialty of many, having a premade structure is nevertheless important due to its ability to clarify the points in a debate, and enumerating the reasoning behind said points.

In this part, we are looking at some examples of persuasion maps that can help you further understand the core concept. These will also help you understand how templates can be used efficiently to create professional-looking maps without spending time on the base layout.

Example 1: Sample Persuasion Map

This map is used by a student as part of a debate on the involvement of K12 in the learning process. The student advocates the introduction of technology in the education system by first pointing out the reasons and then using facts to corroborate each reason. The student argues that by using technology and digital tools for teaching purposes, learners can become more engaged, etc.

In this persuasion map, the traditional three-level layout can be seen that starts with the ‘Goal or Thesis’ followed by the ‘Main Reasons’ which further expand into ‘Facts or Examples’.

In its blank form, this sample map can be used to portray a range of different arguments since it consists of the primary and fundamental structure of a persuasive map, and is not tailored to a specific type of debate.

Sample Persuasion Map Source: EdrawMax Online Edit Now

Example 2: Persuasion Map PDF

This persuasion map is, unlike the sample above, not filled out. This makes it easy to edit as you can simply download it and put text in it however you like.

This map shows the simple four-step layout which involves the goal or thesis at the start, then the main reasons with the facts/examples coming afterward, and then finishing up with the conclusion. The significant and useful thing about this map is that it has a 'Conclusion' section that allows the students to describe the summation of their arguments. Another useful feature of the map is the labeling underneath that shows what each section has to contain. For someone who lacks a complete understanding of persuasion cartography, this example ought to clear up the concepts.

Persuasion Map PDF Source: EdrawMax Online Edit Now

Example 3: Persuasion Map Graphic Organizer

The first example that we saw pertained to a map about an argument on the introduction of technology and digital tools in the learning system. That example was filled out with the points and reasons given by the student. However, the example we are looking at right now is the same as the first one except it is completely blank, which makes it easy for anyone to edit and fill out according to their need.

The map shows a three-level layout depicting the 'Goal or Thesis' at the beginning, 'Main Reasons' at the middle, and then 'Facts or Examples' at the end. This example also has two spaces at the top where the student can put their name in and the topic of their discussion.

Persuasion Map Graphic Organizer Source: EdrawMax Online Edit Now

Example 4: Interactive Persuasion Map

The layout of this map also contains the typical three-level layout including the ‘Goals’, ‘Main Reasons’, and ‘Facts/Examples’. However, the point of distinction that can be seen in this example is the color theme. The shades of green and yellow make it more vivid, and the different tones also help in color-coding the components.

In order to show the categorization and the order of the components, elaborate arrowheads are used which help in understanding what comes first in the diagram. This template can be used easily since it does not feature any sort of pre-existing content in the boxes whatsoever. In the bottom left corner, the name of the student and the title of the discussion can be entered in the provided spaces.

Interactive Persuasion Map Source: EdrawMax Online Edit Now

Example 5: SMART Board Persuasion Map - Persuasive Writing Planning

This persuasion map is made especially for the SMART Board. SMART Boards are digital teaching tools that allow the teachers and students to control the computer screen by interacting with the surface (of the board). SMART Boards are essentially whiteboards once the fancy interaction feature is removed. This map is available as a NOTEBOOK file, which is the format that these boards support.

By using this map, students can be taught how an argument can be organized and prepared before it is put in writing. The map shows the first block which is the goal of the argument, succeeded by the main reasons and the evidence/examples. However, unlike the traditional three slots that are usually found in persuasion maps (for facts and examples), this map only features two.

SMART Board Persuasion Map - Persuasive Writing Planning Source: EdrawMax Online Edit Now

Example 6: Persuasion Map Blank Example

This is yet another blank example of persuasive cartography that we have on this list. One of the easiest ways that you can opt to use a template is to download a blank map (such as this one) and fill it out using any image editor of your choice and choosing the ‘Adding text’ option. Dedicated software and drawing tools can be used if you are looking to make a map specific to your need and tailored to your personal preference.

This map, like all instances of persuasive cartography, can be used by students in order to organize and arrange their essential ideas about a discussion/debate. This persuasive map features a vertical orientation unlike the usual horizontal one, and it has a ‘Conclusion’ section at the end.

Persuasion Map Blank Example Source: EdrawMax Online Edit Now

Example 7: Persuasive Essay Graphic Organizer

This graphic organizer is one of the most explanatory and succinct examples in this list. In this diagram, the contents that need to be filled in are explained using lines of instruction such as 'Attention-grabbing beginning' and 'Description issue' etcetera. These little snippets and pieces of information can help the student understand what actually needs to be written in each section of the persuasive map. Up till now, we have looked at 'Goal or Thesis' or 'Conclusion' in general, but we didn't delve into exactly what needs to be written in them, and how it should be written.

In this Persuasive Essay Graphic Organizer, you get a clear-cut outline of what you need to include in the various parts of your map. This diagram does feature a slightly unorthodox layout, where the main reasons and the evidence are placed in one large box rather than separately as is the traditional way.

As the name indicates, this diagram is especially for planning a persuasive essay.

Persuasive Essay Graphic Organizer Source: EdrawMax Online Edit Now

Example 8: Persuasive Speech Graphic Organizer

Just like the previous example, this Persuasive Speech Graphic Organizer is yet another unorthodox, illustrative diagram. However, the normal three or four-level layout that is associated with persuasive graphic organizers is completely missing in this example. The persuasive speech graphic organizer has a section at the top that relates to the 'Introduction' of the topic. An arrowhead leads from this section to the next block which is the 'Thesis Statement'. Finally, the last section pertains to the 'Three Main Points', which are essentially the three arguments of the speech that will substantiate the thesis statement.

The point to note here is that while the other maps we saw in this list were for general arguments and debates, this one is specially tailored for planning speeches. That is why it features a not-so-normal layout.

Persuasive Speech Graphic Organizer Source: EdrawMax Online Edit Now

Example 9: Persuasive Writing Map

Just like the previous two examples were dedicated to persuasive essays and speeches, this one is especially for persuasive writing. Persuasive writing is done in order to convince the reader of the authenticity of any argument by putting forward various points and aspects. This map shows how persuasive writing can be planned.

The diagram shows some critical components that are necessary for persuasive writing. The map also shows how a piece of such writing has to be organized.

This particular map is about persuading the reader about a product or item. That is why, in the critical components section, you can see the 'Product Name', 'Special Features', and then 'Persuasive Words/Phrases'. By following this map, you can easily compile the useful points needed for persuading the reader about the selected product or commodity.

Persuasive Writing Map Source: EdrawMax Online Edit Now

3. Online Persuasion Map Maker

If you are looking to make a persuasive map online, EdrawMax Online is a good option that you can choose. At EdrawMax, you get the option of creating a range of different drawings and diagrams. The diagrams can be created easily with the simple drag-and-drop method that allows you to take shapes and symbols from the library and put them on the canvas however you wish. Another awesome thing about EdrawMax is the template gallery. You can visit the template library to select a template of your choice and use it instead of building a map from scratch. If you are looking to make a persuasive map for your essay, writing or speech etcetera, try out EdrawMax and enjoy the smooth drawing mechanism and the variety of formats in which you can save your work.

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4. Key Takeaways

Persuasion maps are useful tools that can allow students to structure their arguments before giving them an actual form. In this post, we looked at the core concept of persuasive maps and some relevant examples. If you are looking to make one for yourself using a dedicated application, be sure to check out EdrawMax Online. This online software is great for making not only persuasive maps but all sorts of graphical organizers, charts, and diagrams. The ease of creation, availability of templates, and smoothness of saving the finished work are some reasons for using EdrawMax Online. You can find out more graphic organizer examples in the Template Gallery.

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