How to Create an Organizational Chart in Excel

Creating an org chart in Excel is an easy process. With five simple steps, you can add a pre-made template and edit it as you like. However, it is not the optimum method. With program evolution, there are now many better options in the market—for instance, EdrawMax, the credible visualizaion tool that helps you to collaborate better.
Create an Organizational Chart in EdrawMax Online
Time to complete: 3 minutes
Create an Organizational Chart in Excel
Time to complete: 8 minutes

1. How to Create an Organizational Chart in Excel

An organizational chart helps supervise communication, resource, workforce planning, restructuring, and matrixed organizations. Everyone is now asking how to create an organizational chart in Excel. There are several answers to this query. The creation of an organizational diagram requires no design expertise. You can use Microsoft Excel for the simplest organizational chart production. You'll get your desired organizational chart in minutes with five easy steps.

Step 1:Insert Any Template

The organizational charts are hierarchy diagrams. As for Excel, it has simple readymade templates inside the SmartArt section. To insert your desired chart, Click on the “Insert” button on the top left of the bar. Now click on “SmartArt.” A box will open where you'll have to find the “Hierarchy” button for the organizational visualization template. Select any of the templates you desire. It will transfer the diagram onto your edit screen.

Create an Organizational Chart in Excel

Step 2: Insert Text In Shapes

Every template will have small display shapes. Most of these are boxes. Create an outline or sequenced post roles of your organization. With its help, fill the shapes by clicking on them with the cursor.

Create an Organizational Chart in Excel

Step 3: Customize Template

The next step is to edit your hierarchy template. You can move the shapes up and down by the “Move up: and “Move down” buttons. Moreover, to move the shapes horizontally across the diagram, you can use the “Promote” and “Demote” button.

Create an Organizational Chart in Excel

Step 4: Remove And Add Art Shapes

Along with replacing shapes, you can remove a shape if you do not need it anymore. To add any shape, take the cursor over to the shape, click it, and Find “Add Shape” to add a new display box.

Create an Organizational Chart in Excel

Step 5: Color Format Your Chart

You can change the color format of the diagram shapes by going into the “Design” option in the bar. Find the column “Change Colors” and choose the one you prefer. Moreover, it allows you to change the visual shape, its size, and text font inside it.

Create an Organizational Chart in Excel

The process ends here. These steps answer how to make an organizational chart in Excel. Keep reading to know what other options you have and which one is better.

2. How to Create an Organizational Chart Online Easier?

All graphical organizational charts are not of the same type. Plus, their physical attributes also vary from each other. Every consumer wants a different themed chart. Some want simplicity that could swiftly build internal structure and connection between employees. In contrast, some want an advanced diagram that improves communication and presents data hierarchies and business entities.

Excel can not supply you with diverse types according to your desire. However, online organizer maker software can do. EdrawMax Online is one of the credible options customers trust for instant and well-sequenced organizational charts. This method will answer the common question of how to create an organizational chart.

Step 1: Open EdrawMax Online and login

Open the program EdrawMax Online from the official website using any browser or search engine. Create an account and log in to it. Open the program. You'll be redirected toward the home screen. The interface will have numerous types of diagrams for you to pick from. Find the one “Org Chart.” Hover the cursor over it and click on “create new.” Once you click the create a new option, another window will pop up with a replica of a typical organizational chart. On the left-hand side, you'll find several templates. Scroll through them and choose the one that suits you.

Create an Organizational Chart in EdrawMax

Step 2: Template Selection

If you want an exceptional org chart in minimum time, you can choose a readymade template from the template community. From the home interface on the left side panel, look for the " Templates " bar button. Click on it to jump into the network of thousands of free templates ready for your use. Click on the search tab and write Org Chart or Organizational Chart. You'll get thousands of templates. Surf through them and find the one that suits you the best. Once you find the match click on it to duplicate it inside your edit screen. Click the button “Use Immediately” to start the editing process.

Create an Organizational Chart in EdrawMax

Step 3: Add Components

Editing starts from the third step. Charts like these contain a lot of elements. EdrawMax Online has different types of components to choose from. Moreover, you can change the layout by dragging the elements from one place to another. Find proper symbols from the “Insert” option and add them. You can add customized symbols inside the section “My Library” on the left.

Create an Organizational Chart in EdrawMax

Step 4: Add More Elements

The next step is to do the advanced editing. It is not Excel where you are limited in terms of customization. You can add as many details as you like. Add elements like plants, furniture, or direct details to make it eye-catching and engaging.

Create an Organizational Chart in EdrawMax

Step 5: Export or share

Once you are sure you got what you were looking for, head over to the “File” button at the top left. Click on it and find the “Save As” button to export the file in your desired format. Unlike Excel, EdrawMax Online provides you with 14 different options to choose from. You can save the file as Pdf, Excell sheet, Power point presentation, bitmap image, etc.

Create an Organizational Chart in EdrawMax

3. EdrawMax VS Excel

The usually asked question-how to create an organizational chart in Excel has been answered above. However, if you find yourself confused about the program choice, we suggest going for the one with a diverse tool approach, which is EdrawMax. We'll discuss what perks EdrawMax has and what pros and cons Excel supplies to the consumers that will make it crystal clear.

    Excel Usage Pros:

  • It can provide you instant chart without any wait.
  • Its interface is easy to use.
  • The overall experience is user-friendly.
  • Excel Usage Cons:

  • It has limited options in terms of readymade templates.
  • It provides you with fewer choices for customization.
  • It can only provide basic diagrams and visualizations.
  • Its process is time-consuming.
  • EdrawMax Perks When Compared To Excel:

  • EdrawMax has more than one method of production.
  • It provides you with the chart in an instant.
  • Its interface is more user-friendly.
  • It has a diverse set of tools for customization.

4. Online Organizational Chart Maker

Nothing comes for free nowadays. The value you will be getting will have a price always. However, it is not the case with EdrawMax Online. It provides extreme value to the users free of cost with numerous design tools. In terms of the organizational chart, the program offers diverse editing and easy export documentation that helps it to stand out. Some of the premium features of EdrawMax used in organizational chart production are as follows.

  • It has the most lenient and swift user interface.
  • The designing techniques are so easy that they require no excessive experience in designing and editing.
  • The massive range of customization tools helps the users to get the maximum value out of the program.
  • The software allows you to export the files in many formats, making it an all-in-one tool for organizational chart makers.
  • The massive template community adds new charts daily, giving you a huge social platform option to choose from.
  • Readymade templates make it less time-consuming. with a few clicks, you can get your organizational chart.
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5. Key Takeaways

This article gives a crystal clear overview of the organizational charts and their benefits. Plus, it summarizes all the possible ways that you can use to create one. A visualization diagram must be easy and concise to value the user. Most owners use it as a personal employee directory to keep track of the company's internal structure.

Moreover, EdrawMax Online appeared to be the best option for chart creation with exceptional advantages in this article. No one wants to work hard if there is another easy and smart way to do the same thing. Why would anyone want to spend hours designing a basic organizational chart when one can get something better instantly? The straightforward user approach and less time-consuming exposure are the traits for which EdrawMax stands out in the crowd of contenders.

If someone asks how to create an organizational chart in Excel without a second thought, experts will answer: go for EdrawMax if you want something better. Do not just rely on words; try it yourself and feel the difference. It just takes a couple of minutes.

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