A Guide to Understand Elbow Joint with Diagram

The elbow joint is a hinge joint made of three primary bones, the humerus, radius, and ulna. The joint ensures an uniaxial movement of the arm. As they participate in most of the works done by hand, it is significant to learn about the structure and function of this joint. From this article, it not only introduces the elbow anatomy, but teach readers to draw elbow joint diagram.

1. What is the Human Elbow Joint

Elbow joint is present in the upper limb and is a synovial joint. It is a connector between the arm and forearm. The elbow joint consists of three bones, the humerus present in the arm and radius, ulna located at the forearm. It is also called a compound joint. As a hinge joint, the elbow joint helps in the movement of the arms in a single plane.

elbow joint

2. The Structure of the Human Elbow Joint

There are totally three parts for the elbow joint, including articulating surfaces, joint capsule and bursae, as well as ligments.

Articulating Surfaces: the articulating surfaces of the elbow joint are formed with two articulations:

  1. The first articulation includes a trochlear notch of the ulna with the trochlea of the humerus.
  2. Next, articulation is formed by the head of the radius and the capitulum of the humerus.

Joint Capsule and Bursae:

  1. It is a synovial joint that offers stability to the motion of the arms. The joint capsule is thick in the medial region and forms collateral ligaments.
  2. Bursae are sacs with synovial fluid to reduce the friction in joints during movements. Here are a few types of bursae:
    • Intratendinous: It is present within the tendon of the tricep brachii.
    • The subtendinous: It is there at the joint of the olecranon and the tendon of the tricep brachii. It helps in reducing the friction of these two structures during movements and extensions.
    • Subcutaneous bursa: This bursa is present between the overlying connective tissue and olecranon.

Ligaments: On the lateral side, there is a radial collateral ligament. It is an extension of the lateral epicondyle.

The ulnar collateral ligament is formed out of the medial epicondyle. It is connected to the olecranon of the ulna and the coronoid process.

elbow joint diagram
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3. How to Draw the Elbow Joint

The elbow joint works on the movement of arms and their extension. Therefore, for working with the hand, the elbow joint plays a crucial role. It is essential to have an apt idea about the same to learn about hand movement. The students should use an elbow joint diagram for their studies. It helps them learn the complicated structure and function of this joint.

3.1 How to Create Elbow Joint Drawing from Sketch

Creating such a diagram by hand can be difficult. The students can follow these steps to make their elbow joint diagram:

Step 1: The student should first draw the upper part of the front part of the elbow that has a pulley-like structure, trochlea. After that, they should create the inner part of the coronoid process, forming a curve to keep a hold on the trochlea (pulley-like) of the humerus.

How to Create Elbow Joint Drawing from Sketch

Step 2: Next, they should draw the lower end of the elbow joint that is flat and has internal and external condyles on each side. The lip of the ulna is present in between the two rounded grooves. The front view shows that the forearm and arm are joined with each other. As the arm bends, the two condyles with the notch present above the humerus receive the coronoid process of the ulna. The ulna creates a hinge-joint with the upper-arm bone, which allows backward and forward movement on the same plane.

How to Create Elbow Joint Drawing from Sketch

Step 3: Next, one should draw the bursa, the radial head of the humerus, which is located at the outer condyle of the humerus. On its surface, the head of the radius rolls.

3.2 How to Create Elbow Joint Drawing Online

Drawing the elbow joint is a challenging process. Hence, students may fail to get satisfactory results. They must use the EdrawMax Online tool for making their elbow joint diagram. The tool is easy to use. Hence can help in generating a high-quality image for studies, projects, and dissertation papers. The students, teachers, and researchers can follow these few simple steps to create their elbow joint picture:

Step 1: EdrawMax is a user-friendly and powerful diagramming tool. Hence, many individuals find it easier to rely on when it comes to creating complex diagrams. The students can make their elbow diagrams on this tool without much hassle. To start with their image, they need to open the tool and then open New. In this option, there is the Science and Education section. This part contains diagrams related to science, which is helpful for learners and researchers.

How to Create Elbow Joint Drawing Online
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Step 2: The tool has a wide range of scientific diagrams. They are high quality and smoothly suit projects and studies. The students can find the human organ tab under this section. They can look for elbow joint diagrams in this part. They can also get various other human organ diagrams which they can take the help of while learning.

How to Create Elbow Joint Drawing Online
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Step 3: After selecting the template they require, the students should modify it as per their choice. The tool gives the students some hassle-free options to edit their diagrams. They can work on those images according to their preference to create a high-quality elbow joint image.

How to Create Elbow Joint Drawing Online
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Step 4: When they complete their diagram, they can easily save the image in different file formats supported by the EdrawMax Online tool. They can also export the file if they wish. After that, they can use the elbow joint image for their learning.

How to Create Elbow Joint Drawing Online
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4. The Elbow Pain

The most common reason for elbow pain is stained tendons or inflammation in the soft tissues. It can take a while to recover, and most painkillers work fine. If the condition remains unchanged, then the person must see a doctor. The patient may take some rest, but prolonged rest can weaken the elbow, or the joints may get stiff.

If not taken seriously, long-term pain in the elbow may result in chronic arthritis. It may result in a swollen joint. Arthritis can be of several types, like, psoriatic, rheumatoid, gout, etcetera.

5. Conclusion

Elbows get engaged in those works for which a person uses their hands. Hence there is ample scope for it getting injured. There are specific ways a person can strengthen their elbow. They can continue with exercises like isometric elbow strengthening, triceps strengthening, isometric elbow flexion, supination, and pronation. It can help them to get a powerful and muscular elbow. It can also decrease the chances of the elbow joint getting hurt. As the elbow joint is crucial for hand movements, the students must learn about it, and for that, they must use elbow joint diagrams. As creating it by hand can be challenging, students must use the EdrawMax Online tool.

In conclusion, EdrawMax Online is a quick-start diagramming tool, which is easier to make artery and vein diagram and any 280 types of diagrams. Also, it contains substantial built-in templates that you can use for free, or share your science diagrams with others in our template community.

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