Free Editable Brainstorming Examples

Brainstorming is a helping tool for all professionals and students to develop new ideas and solve problems. However, having a smooth brainstorming session with satisfying results is hard without preparation. In this case, brainstorming examples come in handy because they help you understand its benefits. We will discuss some brainstorming templates and where to create these templates online.

1. What is Brainstorming Example

The brainstorming examples are helpful because they tell you how to perform a smooth brainstorming session and solve complex, technical, or commercial problems. Brainstorming is a technique in which a person or a group of people share their concepts and organize information to solve a specific problem or come up with fresh ideas. The primary purpose of brainstorming is to generate ideas and compare various concepts to determine which one is better. We perform brainstorming sessions at the start of any task or project to develop a strategy to tackle it. Sharing as many ideas as possible is the key element for a successful brainstorming session.

2. The Brainstorming Examples

The brainstorming method of solving problems and generating ideas depends on how we can do this. In brainstorming sessions, people communicate and share every vision that comes to their mind related to the problem or topic title to come up with an efficient solution. There are various types of brainstorming based on your topic or problem statement. You can use many kinds of diagrams and charts in brainstorming. Check out our brainstorming examples to determine which technique or diagram layout is suitable for your task. Pick the template you want and edit it on EdrawMax Online.

Example 1: Brainstorming Examples

The mind map is one of the most commonly used brainstorming tools. In a mind map, you write a central theme or problem statement and the center and focus on it to develop new ideas and related themes. There are many brainstorming examples with mind maps as the base diagram. It visually represents various elements' tasks, concepts, and relationships with the central idea. You place the title at the center and write every idea that comes to your mind on its left and right side. Mind maps follow hierarchies and relationships of all entities.

Brainstorming Examples
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Example 2: Brainstorming Examples for Students

Brainstorming makes it easier to solve problems and generate ideas. Students and professionals use this method to logically organize information and create a framework for writing, making reports, comparing ideas and presentations. Brainstorming examples for students improve their reading/writing skills and help them develop critical thinking. The diagram in this example is a standard mind map used by students for their assignments. It helps students generate and organize their ideas to solve their problems creatively. Students from primary to high schools can use these templates for brainstorming.

Brainstorming Examples for Students
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Example 3: Example of Brainstorming

The mind map is a perfect example of brainstorming. You can solve complex problems based on the central idea and define its related themes with a mind map. A mind map is a helpful tool for teachers because they use it to improve the information gathering and writing skills of their students. The mind map in this example follows the standard layout. The central idea is in the middle of the diagram, with related ideas branching outwards. Each related theme represents three more concepts. You can expand the mind map till you reach the solution.

Example of Brainstorming
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Example 4: Brainstorming Examples for Essays

Planning an essay and creating a writing structure are essential parts of essay writing. Brainstorming examples for essays gives you various references on generating ideas or improving your reading and writing skills. You can perform a brainstorming session to create the writing structure. The opening sentence or essay title goes at the top. Then, you get the thesis statement or a summary of your thoughts. After that, you add a supporting sentence, each with supporting evidence. You repeat the thesis at the end as well to conclude your essay.

Brainstorming Examples for Essays
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Example 5: Learning Brainstorming Examples

A vision board is a helpful tool for brainstorming. When you learn brainstorming examples, you realize that most of these diagrams are either mind maps or brainstorming idea boards. It is also commonly known as an inspiration board because when all the ideas and thoughts are in front of you, it helps stimulate your creativity to think to come up with more ideas that will work. The diagram visualizes information using notes or lined boxes, and you can check all the present ideas to get inspiration and create your ideas.

Listing Brainstorming Examples
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Example 6: Examples of Brainstorming Activities

Teachers use various brainstorming activities to help improve their student’s brainstorming skills and teach them how to generate ideas and organize information. Most of these activities use mind maps and other diagrams. Word association is an everyday brainstorming activity for school students. The teacher gives the word to the class, and students write their thoughts about that word in the mind map. There is also the narrative writing game and alphabet game. In an alphabet game, students list various alphabets, and then the teacher tells them a category. The students write a word starting from the listed alphabets related to the category.

Examples of Brainstorming Activities
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Example 7: Brainstorming Techniques Examples

This is one of the most commonly used brainstorming technique examples. The layout of this diagram is simple, and it is easy to understand. The central idea or problem statement goes at the center, and you place the related concepts and solutions in a circle around the main idea. It helps you focus on the problem title and statement to solve it. The diagram starts with you explaining your problem. After that, you brainstorm to come up with any new ideas. When you have enough ideas, you compare each of those to find out which one is better and more efficient.

Brainstorming Techniques Examples
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Example 8: Brainstorming Web Examples

A central idea web or a web graphic organizer is an excellent brainstorming tool. With a creative layout, you can generate new ideas, and having data in groups makes it easier to expand. You can expand the graphic web organizer by branching new ideas and concepts. The brainstorming web examples make it easier for students to develop new story ideas and create a writing framework. The main idea is at the center with five supportive details or concepts, and these ideas expand and branch five more supportive ideas to create an efficient solution.

Brainstorming Web Examples
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Example 9: Reverse Brainstorming Examples

Reverse brainstorming examples follow a specific brainstorming method with one additional step than the standard four steps. You can start brainstorming by identifying the problem. Its purpose is to define the problem. The second step is to reverse the situation. The reverse of the problem can either be the solution or a more complex problem. The next step is to generate an idea to solve the reverse problem. Once you gather ideas, you reverse those ideas to find a solution. After completing these steps, you start evaluating various solutions to find out which one is better.

Reverse Brainstorming Examples
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Example 10: Scamper Brainstorming Examples

The purpose of brainstorming is to help you develop new ideas and explore various possibilities. Scamper brainstorming examples help students develop out the box thinking with multiple methods. You can use a simple mind map to implement the scamper technique. First, create separate groups for a substitute, combine, adapt, modify, put to use, reverse, and eliminate. With scamper, you can check each solution possibility and spark new ideas. Students use the scamper tool for group problem-solving.

Scamper Brainstorming Examples
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Example 11: Brainstorming Topic Examples

Brainstorming topic examples visualize the structure of narrative writing for any topic. Teachers use it to teach their students how to structure their writing and develop fresh ideas when they reach writer's block. The topic name goes at the center of the chart. You write the requirements on one side and the tentative topic on the other side. You can add supporting details and showcase the relationships of each element with the central idea. The layout for this template is simple, and you can easily edit it.

Brainstorming Topic Examples
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Example 12: Clustering Brainstorming Examples

The clustering brainstorming examples are essential for brainstorming sessions and information management. It helps you depict the relationship between various elements related to a specific topic. The supporting ideas and details form clusters to represent efficient solutions and pick better ones. The brainstorming sessions are less frustrating with cluster diagrams, and its creative design helps you find the solution as you keep the broad picture in your mind. The main topic goes at the center, the subtopic branches from the main topic, each with its cluster of ideas.

Clustering Brainstorming Examples
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3. Brainstorming Techniques

Here are some steps to follow for a smooth brainstorming session.

  • Prepare for the brainstorming session by inviting people and creating a perfect environment that is neither lax nor tense.
  • Start with identifying the problem and give a summary.
  • Generate ideas and write each of these ideas.
  • Communicate with your group members and share your thoughts to find the solution quickly.
  • Gather all of the new ideas and keep the useful ones.
  • Once you have made a choice, create a proper action plan.

4. Online Brainstorming Tool

Brainstorming helps generate fresh ideas and allows people to think freely and out of the box. It follows the rule of quantity over quality and promotes knowledge sharing between team members to reach the solution. Therefore, you need diagramming software with pre-made templates for brainstorming sessions. EdrawMax Online is the best online brainstorming tool in the market. It gives you a comprehensive template and symbol library that you can use and edit in a few clicks. It also comes with creative customization tools and allows you to export your diagram in any format you want.

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5. Key Takeaways

The brainstorming examples and techniques help you generate ideas, and it also innovates your group members by letting them think freely. Each problem is different; there is no standard framework for a brainstorming session. You can do it in groups or hold individual sessions as long as you are getting the outcome you want. EdrawMax Online supports you in performing brainstorming sessions with its professional templates and other features. It also supports various document formats and allows you to work in an easy-to-use interface. Find more graphic organizer templates in the templates community.

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