Free Editable Bubble Map Examples

Bubble maps are helpful tools for students, teachers, and professionals for many purposes. Although these maps are helpful, creating a practical bubble map with the correct layout takes time. In these situations, you can use bubble map examples as a framework of what you want to do and create your map using templates. Here, we will discuss various examples of bubble maps and their uses.

1. What is Bubble Map Examples

Bubble maps examples are excellent learning and describing tools for students. These maps describe the related elements and adjectives of a topic or a noun. Teachers use these maps to help their students develop critical thinking and creativity. Bubble maps visualize our thoughts to give us a concrete image of what we are thinking to help us solve complex problems and generate ideas. You can use a bubble map in a variety of ways, such as describing an adjective or organizing your thoughts, remembering information, and improving comprehension.

How to use it?
  • Use a template and write the noun or title in the central circle.
  • Gather the related information or adjectives to describe the noun or topic.
  • Put the information or adjective in circles outside the central circle.
  • Draw lines to represent relationships of various elements with the central circle or each other.

2. The Bubble Map Examples

Educators use bubble maps to teach their students to represent their ideas and thoughts using diagrams and maps visually. Professionals use these maps to write reports and create presentations. Bubble maps also depict the magnitude of a specific data set, such as population and traffic in a particular area. Reading and comprehending bubble maps is simple; however, creating a bubble map without templates is challenging. Here are some bubble maps examples that will help you understand these maps' various layouts and uses. Check out these examples and pick a suitable template for your task.

Example 1: Bubble Map Template

The bubble map templates are helpful when you want to visualize your thoughts or describe the relationships between elements related to a specific entity or noun. The diagram in this example showcases a bubble map depicting the internal structure of an organization. The main office of the company is in the central circle. The bubbles around it represent the directly related entities to the main office, such as reception, services, and engineering research department. Various small bubbles represent the sub-departments such as marketing, training, and IT.

Bubble Map Template
Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 2: Bubble Map Business Examples

Many business presentations and planning documents use bubble maps to describe the attributes or related themes of a specific entity or department. These maps make it easier to understand the document's contents and make the presentations more creative and less complex. The map in this example depicts the chart employer objectives list in a company, and it tells us the qualifications to become an employee in this company. The employer objective is the title and the central idea, so it is in the central circle. The attributes the employer wants in their employees are in the circles around the central circle.

Bubble Map Business Examples
Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 3: Bubble Concept Map

We use the bubble concept map to depict the relationships between concepts and their related themes. It mainly focuses on a particular concept and lists all the ideas and other concepts supposedly related to it. The bubble map in this example depicts the concepts related to any technology. The flowchart in the diagram showcases information about the technology, such as who built it its origin. The two small charts give the good and bad prospects of the technology. The map at the top tells us the technology timelines, such as was it present in the past or what it will look like in the future.

Bubble Concept Map
Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 4: Editable Bubble Map

An editable bubble map is helpful when you don't have time to create a bubble map from scratch, but you need one to complete your task. Bubble maps describe the attributes of any noun or entity that can either be a singular thing/person or a collective noun such as a department or a company. The bubble map in this example describes the noun self by listing its related attributes and its meaning as a part of humanity. The four main attributes of self are humility, communication, acknowledge, and respect.

Editable Bubble Map
Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 5: Character Bubble Map

In this example, the character bubble map visualizes attributes of a specific entity, such as a person or organization. Journalists use these maps to showcase their information gathering in digital humanities. These digital reports use bubble maps to visualize the relationships or attributes and make them easier to understand instead of reading plain text. The bubble map in this example showcases attributes of various departments such as the Trump administration, the Trump campaign, the Justice Department, and other departments. Each bubble group is in a different color to make the map simpler and more attractive.

Character Bubble Map
Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 6: Bubble Thinking Map

A bubble thinking map is a simple and efficient method to describe strategies and develop new ideas. Marketers and professionals use these maps for brainstorming sessions to develop new methods to improve product marketing and introduce new products to their clients. The bubble map in this example visualizes the framework for content marketing of a specific product or service. Written content and online videos are the two types of content marketing. The subtypes of these two strategies are in the white bubbles, such as social media, infographics, visual content.

Bubble Map Thinking Map Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 7: High School Bubble Map Examples

Bubble maps are excellent learning tools for high school students. They use it to depict the relationship between various attributes of an entity or to prepare assignments. The high school bubble map examples make it easier for students to understand the benefits of data organization and brainstorming. The bubble map in this example describes various dog breeds in a simple layout. Dog breeds are the title, so it is in the central bubble. The names of popular dog breeds are in different bubbles around the central bubble. Students love to read and make these creative maps.

High School Bubble Map Examples
Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 8: Bubble Map Examples

You can use bubble map examples to understand the layout and uses of these maps for various purposes, such as planning strategies or describing nouns. The bubble map in this example describes the employee needs of the people working in an organization. Employee needs are the title, so it goes in the central bubble. There are five basic needs in the bubbles around the central bubble. The map further expands to describe each of these five needs. The map visualizes the related themes of safety and security needs, social needs, esteem needs, etc.

Bubble Map Examples
Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 9: Bubble Map Graphic Organizer

Bubble map graphic organizers are the best creative learning tools for kids. These maps can describe simple nouns or complex entities and relationships. The bubble map in this example is a graphic organizer for learning that teaches kids about the human body's five senses. The titles go in the middle bubble with five bubbles around it. The surrounding five bubbles are the senses of the human body. The first is sight, and there is a blank space to enter text to explain it better. The map is attractive, and kids will read it with interest.

Bubble Map Graphic Organizer
Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 10: Blank Bubble Map

You can use blank bubble map templates to make a bubble map and describe nouns and their attributes. A bubble map aims to make everything easier by explaining the title or main idea in the central bubble. There are six bubbles around the central bubble, and you can create groups and add the attributes in these six bubbles. Each of these bubbles connects to two bubbles that you can use to list more attributes and describe the noun. Teachers use these blank bubble maps because they are easy to edit, and the layout is complete. After adding text, they get ready to print and use.

Blank Bubble Map
Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 11: Compare and Contrast Bubble Map

A compare and contrast bubble map is an excellent comparison tool that makes it easier to describe the similarities and differences between two nouns. The diagram in this example is a double bubble map. There are two central bubbles in the map, one labeled as the contrast and the other labeled as compare. We got the similarities in the two described data sets or entities in the compare bubble map. In the contrast bubble map, you can see the differences between these entities.

Compare and Contrast Bubble Map
Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 12: Bubble Mind Map

The bubble mind map depicts the related themes of a central idea or noun. The diagram in this example describes various dog breeds in the standard bubble map layout. The dog breed is the title, so it goes in the middle bubble of the map. The names of various dog breeds are the bubble around them. You can use these maps for learning purposes and introduce something new to a person. When a person who doesn't know much about dog breed reads this bubble map, they will quickly understand various dog breeds.

Bubble Mind Map Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 13: Printable Bubble Map

A printable bubble map comes in handy when you don't have free to create a bubble map from scratch and print it out. With a template, you can do it in minutes without putting in any extra effort. A bubble map describes the noun by listing its adjectives. The number of nouns or entities your want to describe depends on you. The bubble map in this example explains three different entities. These entities have some connection but are not deep enough to use lines and depict their relationship. There are four separate bubble maps in this diagram. You can use this layout to describe various nouns in a single chart.

Printable Bubble Map
Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 14: Printable Bubble Map

You can use a bubble map for writing and creating a biography. These maps describe the central idea and portray its related themes by depicting a relationship between its attributes. The bubble map in this example describes the profile of Jackie Robinson. The name of the famous baseball player is in the central bubble, and the eight bubbles around it showcase various qualities of Jackie Robinson. Someone who doesn't even know who this person is can easily understand everything just by looking at this profile once.

Bubble Map for Writing
Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 15: HTriple Bubble Map

You can use various layouts of a bubble map to describe the main idea and showcase its relationships. A triple bubble map is a standard bubble map with three central ideas instead of one. It is also different from the maps where multiple central ideas are described with multiple bubble maps in the same diagram. The map in this example depicts why we build three different entities and their relationships. The three titles seem like they are in the same central bubble, but in reality, three bubble maps overlap at the center.

Triple Bubble Map
Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 16: Bubble Map Template Free

Bubble maps make it easy to depict the relationship between attributes of a noun. The bubble map template free in this example visualizes four types of supports and their subcategories. We got sports in the middle bubble, and water sports, individual sports, team sports, and contact sports are in the four bubbles around it. We also go over the name of the sports belonging to each category, such as polo, diving, golf, and basketball. Teachers use these templates to teach their students the sports categories and names.

Bubble Map Template Free
Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 17: Brainstorm Bubble Map

Brainstorm bubble maps help you organize information and generate new ideas to solve complex problems. The main idea or title of the topic goes in the middle bubble when you are brainstorming, and you focus on the title and list all of the ideas that come to your mind to compare and select which idea is better to solve the problem. Brainstorm bubble maps are team collaboration tools to help members of the same team share their thoughts and develop a solution while focusing on a particular topic.

Brainstorm Bubble Map
Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 18: Bubble Map Template for Word

Professionals most commonly use bubble map templates for words for planning an architecture or new strategies. The diagram in this example depicts a clinic architecture plan. Architectures use these maps to create an appropriate office or building architecture based on which rooms or areas connect. In the case of a clinic, both the exam room and medical assistant area connect to the lab area for work efficiency. With a bubble map, architecture can determine which layout is the most effective.

Bubble Map Template for Word Source:EdrawMax Online

3. Online Bubble Map Maker

A bubble map is an excellent tool to depict attributes of nouns and showcase the relationship between their various adjectives. Teachers, students, professionals, marketers, historians all use a bubble map to make their job easier. Having templates to create bubble maps saves a lot of trouble. EdrawMax Online is the best online bubble map maker that gives you professional bubble map templates and a comprehensive symbol library to create your diagram. It also helps you make presentations, and you can export your diagram in any format you want.

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4. Key Takeaways

The bubble maps examples help you describe nouns with their adjectives and depict their relationships to make them easy to understand for the reader. Educators use these maps to improve their students' critical thinking and brainstorming skills. You can use EdrawMax to create bubble maps online, and it has a symbol library with thousands of symbols and a strong template community. EdrawMax also supports various document formats. Find more graphic organizer templates in the templates community.

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