Genogram Symbols and Meanings

Genogram symbols are categorized into many types, such as family and relationship genogram symbols, emotional symbols, medical symbols, etc.

1. What Are Genogram Symbols

Genograms are composed of standard genogram symbols that visually show basic information like gender, birth, age, etc. Family and relationship genogram symbols represent marital and relationship status with color-coded lines. Then there are emotional relationship symbols that show the depth and emotional connection in a relationship which eventually leads to the correct diagnosis of the involved persons' emotional and psychological health.

Genograms help users to depict complex family dynamics, emotional aspects, and relationships in a family very precisely and accurately. It is important to understand that knowledge of accurate symbols is critical because the value of a genogram is based on using the right genogram symbols.

Genograms are used in risk assessments, counseling, medical history and treatments, therapy, research, and many other fields.

2. Genogram Symbols Explained

2.1 Basic Genogram Symbols

Basic genogram symbols show the critical and personal information of a person. They represent gender, birth, age, pregnancy situation, immigration, sexual orientation, etc. Every person is shown as a specific genogram symbol, e.g., a male member is a square, a female is a circle, and a pet is a diamond. The date of birth goes above the box, and the name is underneath. The inside of the symbol shows the age and related attributes of the member in question.

Let us see the symbols in detail.

  • Gender: A male is a square, while a circle represents a female.
  • The birthdate is written on the above left of the member symbol.
  • Age goes inside the symbol.
  • An 'X' through the member symbol shows that the member is dead, and the date of death goes on the upper right of the symbol.
  • Gay/Lesbian goes with an inverted triangle inside the main member symbol.
  • Bisexual is a dotted inverted triangle.
  • Location and annual income go above the age.
  • A rectangle represents significant institutional connection.
  • A person who has lived in more than two cultures has a wave symbol above the age. Immigration is a double wave symbol above age.
Basic Genogram Symbols
Source: EdrawMax Community

2.2 Family Genogram Symbols

Family genogram symbols describe the union of two members. A union makes a family unit which later extends by adding more dynamics and/or more members. You can show whether a couple is married, engaged, divorced, or separated. Color-coded lines and family genogram symbols represent the type of relationship.

Family Genogram  Symbols
Source: EdrawMax Community

2.3 Genogram Emotional Relationship Symbols

Emotional relationship genogram symbols describe the emotional bond between two family members. These specific genogram relationship symbols are color-coded to represent the different aspects of emotional coordination and connection.

genogram relationship symbols
Source: EdrawMax Community

2.4 Medical Genogram Symbols

The medical genogram symbols are used to show medical conditions such as age, cause of death, hereditary traits, disease, and any additional information that can be used to assess disease risk.

medical genogram symbols
Source: EdrawMax Community

3. Tips for Using Genogram Symbols

EdrawMax Online is a premium drawing software with comprehensive symbols, an easy-to-use interface, and an exclusive collection of pre-designed templates. You can use this EdrawMax Online easily using the following tips to save time and effort.

3.1 Use a Professional Genogram Maker

1. Find genogram symbols quickly from EdrawMax Online>Symbol Library> Family Tree>Genogram. genogram symbols

3.2 Create Symbols by Yourself

EdrawMax Online has a comprehensive symbols library for genograms, including basic, medical and emotional health and relationship symbols. If you do not find your required symbol, you can also import your unique symbols from file formats such as SVG, VSSX, etc. Go to the library option on the sidebar and click on the import icon. A new pop-up window will appear, allowing you to import your files.

You can also learn more from this video. YouTube.

4. Conclusion

A genogram is a family tree with added value and attributes. There are many factors in a family structure other than the hierarchy and gender of the member, as shown by the traditional family tree. Genogram uses color-coded genogram symbols for showing emotional and physical health, relationship dynamics, age, gender, and hierarchy along with marriage and divorce relationships. EdrawMax Online has an exhaustive library of genogram symbols to allow correct and effective genogram charts for research, health risk assessments, family history, and other applications. Find more genogram examples in the templates community so that you can start fast on a firm foundation.

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