Biology Symbols and Meanings

Biology is the scientific study of living organisms, including humans, animals, and plants. It ranges from their structure, anatomy, nutrition, reproduction, living, and interaction with each other and other groups of living things. Many teachers, students, awareness campaigns, and scientists need biology symbols to represent various functions of plant cells, animal cells, anatomy, biotechnology, and ecology.

1. What Are Biology Symbols

Biology symbols are different notations used to make charts, representations, science diagrams, and animations for describing the functions and structure of living things. Since there are different divisions of biology, there are different categories of biology icons. For example, there can be plant cell symbols, animal cell symbols, anatomy, biotechnology, and ecology symbols.

Biology symbols are important to learn and draw because we need them in various domains of our lives. For example, teachers may need to use them in charts and diagrams to teach biology as a subject. Many awareness campaigns regarding lifestyle diseases such as smoking, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, Hepatitis, and others need to display the body's inner workings to increase the reach of the campaign.

Sometimes, doctors also use charts with these biology icons to show how something is affecting you. Botanists also use them to describe the benefits of plantation and agricultural advancements. Hence, we need an easy-to-use and agreed-upon symbol system that is understandable for everyone because, after all, this is about our bodies.

2. Biology Symbols Explained

Now that we know how important biology symbols are let us learn about the most basic categories of these icons and symbols and their use. There are many categories of biology icons based on different criteria. For example, we can categorize them based on the kingdom, i.e., zoology, botany, microorganisms, etc., based on their function, e.g., anatomy, nerves, ecology, etc., and so on. Let us look at the most basic categories of biology symbols.

2.1 Biology Symbols for Plant Cells

Cells are a basic unit of life. All living beings are composed of several types of cells. Plant cells are distinguished from animal cells because of the cell wall. This cell wall provides shape, structure, and protection to the contents of the plant cells. Biology symbols for plant cells include several symbols, including cell walls, organelles, diseased cells, pollens, and seeds. How can we forget about the leaf representations, roots, stems, and flowers? All these are part of biology symbols for plants. All plant cell diagrams are microscopic representations of all the components of the cell; hence it needs a good level of skill to show all the essential constituents.

Biology Symbols for Plant Cells
Source:EdrawMax Template Community

2.2 Biology Symbols for Animal Cells

Animal cells have a great variety. It is a type of eukaryotic cell; it does not have a cell wall and has a membrane-bound nucleus along with other cellular organelles. We have different animal cell symbols, including eggs, sperms, zygote, bacteria, herpes, parasites, etc. The shape of animal cells varies. Some are flat, oval, rod-shaped, curved, spherical, concave, etc. now, we cannot see animal cells by the naked eye and then imagine it has various constituents too, so how tiny these constituents must be. So, a suitable animal symbols library must be very well stocked to cover all these microscopic parts.

Biology Symbols for Animal Cells
Source:EdrawMax Template Community

2.3 Biology symbols for Anatomy

Anatomy is the branch of biology dealing with the study of the structure of living things. It includes animals, humans, plants, microscopic organisms, and algae, etc. A library with anatomy symbols must be really vase because it has all the organs of the creatures, different representations of every organ-like we can see a healthy tooth, decayed tooth, tooth with cavity and so on. Hence, it is a very broad category and needs firm support from the drawing software.

Biology symbols for Anatomy
Source:EdrawMax Template Community

2.4 Biology Symbols for Biotechnology

Biotechnology is an interesting field because, as its name shows, it bridges the gap between biology and technology. It is a technology that uses biological systems, living beings, or their parts to develop different products. Major symbols in this category are DNA, different types of molecules, microscopes, various laboratory equipment, neurons, etc.

Biotechnology Symbols
Source:EdrawMax Template Community

2.5 Biology Symbols for Ecology

Ecology is the field of biology dealing with organisms and their interaction with the environment. It also deals with the living things and their relationship with their habitats, along with the multiple aspects and types of lives in the habitats. You must have studies about food chains, dependency among different life forms in one environment; all this comes under the umbrella of ecology. So, the biology symbols for ecology encompass other animal symbols, biology icons for habitats like trees, dens, caves, burrows, etc.

Biology Symbols for Ecology
Source:EdrawMax Template Community

2.6 Miscellaneous Biology Symbols

Then there are some symbols that do not exactly fit any of the above categories like algae, different forms of diseases, people interactions, food, and so on. All this is combined in the miscellaneous biology symbols category.

3. Tips for Using Biology Symbols

As you have seen the complexity and variety of biology symbols in the above discussion, it is very understandable that a comprehensive, detailed, and easy-to-use drawing software is required for these types of diagrams. A simple word processor or clip art cannot justify the needs of biology diagrams. EdrawMax Online is an online program with complete support for biology symbols and related miscellaneous notations, connectors, lines, and grouping tools.

EdrawMax Online also has support for export drawings in various popular formats and import of symbols as well. It is very easy to use. Let us explain the working in a few steps.

  1. In the new drawing window, click the symbols library button on the sidebar and navigate to Health items. Here, you will find different categories for biology symbols, including animal cells, Biotechnology, plant cells, and medical. Click the OK button to make these symbols available in the sidebar for your next drawing. Tips for finding and Using Biology Symbols
  2. If you think the specific biology symbol that you want to use in your drawing is not available, you can even import your own drawing into the EdrawMax Online library. Simply click on the import icon in the sidebar. A pop-up window appears; go to the tab according to the symbol file format that you want to import.
    Further details and the complete process is shown in detail in this video. If the video doesn't play, you can watch it onYouTube.

4. Conclusion

Biology symbols do a very important job as they describe various details about life, living beings, and their functions. In this domain, accuracy and efficiency both matter a lot. EdrawMax Online provides complete support for biology icons, symbols, and drawing with a wide symbols library, science graphic organizer examples, and easy-to-use interface.

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