Free Editable Story Map Graphic Organizer Examples

A story map graphic organizer is a worksheet organizer for teachers to help students in reading comprehension of a book or a story. These story maps include different elements of story structure based on the level of students. Read the article and get free editable story map examples.

1. What is a Story Map Graphic Organizer

The Story Map graphic organizer helps teachers and students focus on identifying essential elements of a story. Story maps discuss different significant aspects involved in the story or the book. These elements include characters, setting, problem, and solution and rising action, falling action, climax, and resolution of problem. These graphic organizers use text and graphics to allow students to clarify and classify the information they have read. Students can identify and develop different characters, including primary and supporting characters. It can also be used as a planning tool for creative writing. Story map graphic organizers improve students' reading comprehension by providing them a framework to identify essential elements of a story or book. The students can fill these maps while reading the story and after completion of the story.

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2. The Story Map Graphic Organizer Examples

Story map graphic organizers use different formats to provide students with a framework for reading comprehension. They can include additional elements of the story. It supports students of special needs to support their understanding of different story elements. This activity can be done individually or in groups. Also, students can fill in these maps during the reading or post-reading. Since students get a proper framework, they learn to organize information and present their ideas efficiently.

Following are some examples of story maps that can be used as references.

Example 1: Story Map

This story map is a simple format, but the students need to understand the essence of the text to fill it up. It starts with the beginning, the purpose, main idea, and problem or conflict. Then comes the most important moment and finally the conclusion.

This is a preferred format for a storybook or novel review. It is not suitable for very young students though. Grade 2 onwards, students can improve their comprehension skills.

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Example 2: Storyline Graphic Organizer

Storyline graphic organizer is a great format to identify different elements of a story. It asks the students to fill in characters, settings, problems, and solutions. The last section is about understanding the story structure with different stages, including the text's beginning, middle and final. This again is a suitable format for reading comprehension.

This story map graphic organizer can be used in all grade levels as a practical learning tool. Special needs students can benefit a lot from this story map.

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Example 3: Story Map Graphic Organizer Template

This is a concept map wherein the students can organize their ideas in dedicated separate sections. They can talk about the setting and the important characters of the book they are reading. They can also elaborate on the theme of the text. The plot of the story can be discussed at length. At the same time, the problem and solutions faced by the characters can be discussed in detail. In addition, the students can also evaluate the alternate solutions by which the problem could have been solved by the main characters. Such concept maps when used by students increase their cognitive skills. Utilizing such diagrams enhances the logical mind of the students.

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Example 4: Story Map Graphic Organizers

This story map graphic organizer has a funky vibe and uses graphics to attract kids. Young students can use this story graphic organizer for reading comprehension as this is straightforward. It asks for all elements of the story, including characters, settings, problems, and solutions. The use of graphics makes it easier to understand and helps the students to make connections between different elements of the fictional text.

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Example 5: Story Map Graphic Organizer Example

This story map graphic organizer uses graphics, colors, and shapes to describe different storyline elements. It covers characters, settings, story map, problem, and solution described in the text. Since it also represents some advanced level elements such as significant events and actions, results, and main ideas, this is more suitable for grade 2 and onwards students. Very young students will not be very comfortable with this format because of the complexity of concepts.

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Example 6: Story Map Graphic Organizer Middle School

This story map graphic organizer uses simple shapes but bright colors to attract students. Though the format is simple, intelligent use of colors make it an effective graphic organizer for google classroom. In online learning, students usually need more visual attention and props to cover up for the lack of physical connection with peers and teachers.

Story Map Graphic Organizer Middle School

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Example 7: Plot Diagram Graphic Organizer

This plot diagram graphic organizer is a story graphic organizer that expects students to know the sequencing and structure of the stories, be it fictional or real. It covers climax, exposition, problem, solution, and conclusion. The distinguishing feature of this story map graphic organizer example is the addition of falling action and rising action. The story's falling action happens right after the climax, where the story's problem moves to resolution. The rising action of the story forms the most significant part of the narrative. It covers all the events before the climax that builds up the story and the suspense.

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Example 8: Editable Story Map Graphic Organizer

This is an initial level story map that is suitable for all grades, including young students. It has the essential elements of reading comprehension for students. The students need to fill in their understanding about the characters, when and where the story happened. It also expects students to know about the story structure and identify the story's start, middle, and end. The title and author of the story must also be written to complete this story map.

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Example 9: Story Map Graphic Organizer for Google Classroom

This story map graphic organizer also has the basic elements of the storylines. It has editable blocks for main characters, supporting characters, setting, problems, and solutions. The format of this story map is based on the spider map. Its center contains the title and author. The branches have the other elements of the story structure. It helps visualize information to make it easier to comprehend as it breaks down big chunks of information into smaller parts.

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3. Online Story Map Graphic Organizer Maker

Online story map graphic organizer makers are very helpful softwares for teachers to make story maps for their students. Online tools are easy to use and easily customizable. EdrawMax Online is a premium diagram maker that is quick, easy, and free. The distinguishing feature that makes it stand out among other such tools is the template library. EdrawMax Online also has a vast library of pre-made templates . You can use these samples in the existing form or can also customize them according to your requirements.

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4. Key Takeaways

Story maps are very effective graphic tools for supporting students in reading comprehension and literature reviews. It integrates both text and graphics to make the lessons more engaging and exciting. Story map graphic organizers help develop students' cognitive skills, such as brainstorming, critical review, categorization, and classification of information. EdrawMax Online is a graphic organizer maker and comprehensive tool for teachers to create all types of graphic organizers, and 280+ other types of diagrams such as flowchart, UML diagrams, family trees to help their students, especially the ones with special needs. You can find out more graphic organizer examples in the Template Gallery.

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