Free Editable Family Tree Examples

Do you know what a family tree is? If not, here are some of the family tree examples to help you understand. The examples include simple family tree example, the family generation trees, and business family tree example.

1. What is The Family Tree

A family tree can be defined as a pedigree chart whereby family relationships are represented in the form of a tree structure. For that reason, it is referred to as a tree with the different branches and sub-branches showcasing the lineage and how it is distributed of a certain name. You can learn more about what is a famliy tree to have a better understanding.

Family trees are important for certain reasons. To know the importance or the usages of family trees, you can check the family tree examples below to learn more.

  • It helps to establish lineage which in turn can also impact inheritance;
  • Things are changed due to war, disease or natural calamities; with such a record of a lineage, it can help ascertain who holds certain rights of inheriting property and would be critical in matters of law if any questions were raised;
  • Genetics research and knowhow are aided by such charts as well.

2. The Family Tree Examples

There are different creative ways that one can adopt in order to create displays or charts of one’s family lineage. Some creative ideas are discussed below.

Example 1: Family Genogram

family tree examples Source:EdrawMax Online

This genogram example includes a family genogram that showcases several family genogram attributes. One visible thing about this genogram is that it is a detailed genogram that shows more than just a basic family tree relationship. Here you can see several emotional states, medical conditions, educational achievements, political persuasions, and even their occupation.

Example 2: Hobbit Baggins Family Tree

family tree examples Source:EdrawMax

This example illustrates how Hobbit Baggins has transpired throughout the family generations. The great thing with this type of genogram representation is that you can be able to know whether a person has it or not, and which kind of Baggins he or she is.

This genogram example is more self-explainable, unlike our first example, which is probably due to the fact that it has fewer details. Family relations, achievements, occupation, and several other details are negated by this genogram and only focuses on the main factor, which is hemophilia.

Example 3: The Disney Family Tree

family tree example Source:EdrawMax

Now here comes a family generation genogram example that illustrates the Disney family. From which the Disney family is a big family, but the relationships among them are simple and direct. When Walter Elias married with Lillian Marie Bounds, they had two daughters, which are the Diane Marie and Sharon Mae.

As for the Diane Marie Disney, she raised 4 sons and 3 daughters. But Sharon Mae Disney had 2 marriage. Use family tree diagram, people can see their family relations intuitively.

Example 4: The Simpsons Family Tree

family tree diagram Source:EdrawMax

Here is another family tree example that has included famous cartoon show The Simpsons. From this example, it is clear that Clancy Bouvier and Jacqueline gave birth to Marjorie and her sisters. At the same time, Mona and Grandpa Simpson had two sons and one daughter.

However, the Simpson dad and Simpson mom had 3 adorable kids - Bart, Lisa and Maggie. They have different characteristics and personality.

Example 5: The Powerpuff Girls Justice Family Tree

family tree diagram Source:EdrawMax

The Powerpuff Girls is an Emmy winning animated program about three little kindergarten girls with superpowers who were created by Professor Utonium using sugar, spice, and everything nice.

In this diagram, you can see the justice alliance, three little cute girls - Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are the production of Professor Utonium.

Example 6: The Powerpuff Girls Villains Family Tree

family tree diagram Source:EdrawMax

While the Powerpuff Girls themselves were the major characters, it was the supporting characters that made this show classic. However, this is the villains in this series. The JoJo is the father of three evil kids, which are the Brick, Boomer, and Butch.

Example 7: Business Company Family Tree

family tree diagram Source:EdrawMax

Family tree is not merely used for showing the family relationships, it also could display the relations among a business organization. Here is the example of a company's structure.

From this structure, there are a CEO and two vice CEOs in total. The 4 departments includes marketing team, sales team, IT and the design team. Via family tree, the structure of a company is intuitive and easy to check the responsibilities.

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4. key Takeaways

Overall, we have provided detailed information concerning different family tree examples, including the family generation map, cartoon relationship diagram, and the business family tree. Therefore, you have learned a lot and now know enough to create or read a family tree by yourself. But if you are still confused by making a family tree in EdrawMax online, here is a detailed family tree guide to lead you step by step.

Family trees can have different significances and with the present-day tools and customization software available such as EdrawMax Online, they can be presented in different creative illustrations. EdrawMax online offer more templates, all grouped and arranged in a template center, and are available whenever required. Check it out now for the best deal as well as free trials.