The Ultimate Venom Family Tree

Venom is a popular spin-off series with an intriguing premise. It consists of numerous Venom symbioses for which a family tree can be created using a tool for easy comprehension.

1. The Venom Family

Venom is the title of several American comic book series and even has an American superhero film based on it. The story revolves around the various heroic and villainous incarnations of the character Venom. Venom is an amorphous alien known as a Symbiote and usually requires a human host. The story begins with Brock and Venom forming a symbiotic relationship. Spider-Man is the first opponent of Venom, but Brock eventually makes peace with Spider-Man.

In the first issue of the comic, Venom and Brock agreed not to commit any crimes. Many Venom Symbiotes who fought Venom have been introduced in the series. Following the first series, there were several issues of the Venom series. It told the story of Venom's fight against a slew of criminals. In addition, as the series progressed, many new symbiotes were introduced. Venom also worked as an agent in the later series. However, Brock's relationship with Venom changed due to misunderstandings and food disagreements in the series. Nonetheless, the two were able to form a symbiotic relationship but still had to face prejudice from others.

What Makes the Venom Popular?

The Venom series was a Spider-Man spinoff because the character was popular with the audience in the Spider-Man series. It sparked the idea for a new comic centered on Eddie Brock and Venom. The series depicts the transformation of a villain into an anti-hero. Venom evolved from a villain in one series to a lethal protector in his own comics.

Here are some of the characteristics of the Venom series that make it a fan favorite:

  • Venoms' change is very appealing from an ordinary human to a violent creature overcome by animalistic impulse.
  • Venoms demonstrate how alien thoughts can infiltrate the brain and turn someone into a flesh-eating monster.
  • Many Venom fans were drawn to his threats of gory violence.
  • Venom's monstrous appearance, unstable mental state, and constant talk of devouring his enemies gave him an edge over the other villains.
  • Venom attached idle self-indulgent whim of anger and hate.
  • It resonates with humans because no matter how calm or virtuous, we all struggle with the occasional dark impulse to hate, hit, destroy, or harm in a moment of frustration.
  • Venom is a dark reflection of ourselves.
  • Venom provides us with an escapism fantasy in which we are allowed to be monsters.
  • For readers who look closely enough, Venom provides a fun psychological game.
  • The dark, violent, and gory scenes in Venom look cool.
  • Venom's best quality is its dark sense of humor.

Spoiler Warning: Spoilers are also included in multiple places in this article.

2. The Venoms Family Tree

The venom family tree begins with Venom himself. He had many hosts, but the longest was Eddie Brock. The foundation made four Venoms symbiotes, Scream, Phage, Riot, Lasher, and Agony. Carnage was Venom's first pawn, and he later had two spawns, Toxin and Scorn. The five foundation symbiotes lacked mental development. The four symbiotes, Phage, Riot, Lasher, and Agony, merged into Hybrid. These later again split and bound with Mercury to become weapons, named Mercury Phage, Mercury Riot, Mercury Lasher, and Mercury Agony. Aside from that, the series introduced several other symbiotes, including Anti-venom, Venom 2099, and Grey Venom. The Grey Venom was absorbed by the original, but some of it was split, which led to the Mania symbiote. There were also some cloned symbiotic tissue suits named Paris Green, Redbrick, Royal Blue, Burnt Orange, and Gun Metal.

Venoms Family Treee

3. How to Draw Venom Family Trees Online?

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Draw Venom Family Trees Online

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