What Is a Double Bubble Map

A double bubble map is an excellent compare and contrast and brainstorming tool for professionals and students. Using a double bubble map template for comparisons makes the task much more manageable. Before you use these maps, it is better to learn how to create them, their uses, and their benefits. Here, you will find everything you want to know about these maps.

1. What is a Double Bubble Map?

A double bubble map is a compare and contrast graphic organizer that visualizes the comparison between two entities, nouns, or ideas. These maps help you identify the similarities and differences between various concepts, compare two ideas to determine which one is better, and perform smooth brainstorming sessions. Professionals and marketers use this tool to make presentations and compare data, and it helps during meetings to generate ideas or develop new business and marketing strategies.

Teachers use double bubble map templates to teach comparison to their students, help them improve their information gathering and brainstorming skills, and develop out-of-the-box thinking. It also helps them increase their comprehension of any topic and understand more details. A standard double bubble map has two central bubbles representing two ideas or entities. The bubble between the central bubble depicts the similarities, and the bubbles outside illustrate the difference. These maps also help with problem-solving by breaking down the problem into bits and comparing ideas to determine which solution is better. Here is a double bubble map example for reference.

What is a Double Bubble Map

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2. Benefits of Using Double Bubble Map

Make effective comparisons with double bubble compare and contrast maps. Using these maps to compare ideas or nouns makes the job much easier. With a diagramming tool and a template, you can make these maps and visually represent a comparison between two entities in a few short minutes. Professionals and students use these maps to solve complex problems and compare ideas.

Double Bubble thinking maps are flexible because students from all grades can use these maps. They can add as many bubbles as they want and expand the map to visualize complex details instead of creating a new map and comparing it all over again. Being flexible makes these maps best for brainstorming because, in a brainstorming session, you list all the ideas that come to mind, and it requires a lot of free space, which is not a problem with double bubble maps.

Improve a student's comprehension with double bubble maps. These maps are learning tools that students use to understand concepts and compare details to comprehend the topic. Teachers use these maps because it helps them easily explain any case and get feedback from their students.

Focus on the main idea to solve complex problems and compare with double bubble maps. These maps visualize all the main ideas behind any topic, making it easier to understand and compare each element. The two central bubbles showcase the main ideas, and students use them to find solutions while looking at the broad picture.

3. Double Bubble Map Use Cases

Organizing Information: You can use double bubble maps to organize and visually represent information to understand the idea logic and the central topic. These maps are helping tools to showcase the similarities and differences between two things or ideas. You can also visualize the relationship between a set of items. These maps use and represent information the same way our brain does, making it easier to remember the information organized with a double bubble map graphic organizer.

Generating ideas: Double bubble maps are excellent brainstorming tools. Professionals use these maps in team brainstorming sessions to develop new strategies and marketing techniques. It helps them come up with fresh ideas and compare them to determine which one is better or more beneficial to the company. Students also use to generate ideas to solve any problem.

Compare and Contrast: The primary purpose of a double bubble map is to compare and contrast two things or ideas. These maps are efficient in determining the parallels between two entities. Students use these tools to compare science and math concepts. You can easily compare two concepts by looking at their results, but double bubble maps help you understand any idea's details.

4. How to Make a Double Bubble Map

4.1 Steps to Create a Double Bubble Map

A double bubble map showcases the comparison between two main ideas or nouns. You can easily create these maps with templates. There are various layouts of double bubble maps based on their uses, and that is why it is better to check out a few templates and decide which one you want. After picking a suitable template, follow these steps to create a double bubble map.

  • STEP 1: Decide on a template and customize it, or draw two circles at the middle left and middle right side.
  • STEP 2: Write the name or title of the things or ideas you want to compare in the two circles.
  • STEP 3: Draw circles between the first two circles to showcase their similarities.
  • STEP 4: Draw circles outside the first two circles to showcase their differences.

4.2 Get Started with a Double Bubble Map Creator

Using a double bubble map is easy; however, creating one is a time-taking and challenging task. You can save time and effort by getting started with the best double bubble map creator EdrawMax Online. Follow these steps to create a double bubble map on EdrawMax in a few clicks.

  • STEP 1: Log in to EdrawMax Online or create a new account.
  • STEP 2: You can use a template or open a blank canvas to create your double bubble map from scratch. Navigate to education and click on graphic organizers. Click on compare and contrast to see the list of templates. Pick a template or click on the “+” button.
  • create double bubble map
  • STEP 3: The next step is to customize your template or draw your diagram if you are working on a blank canvas. Use the simple click and drag to get symbols and icons from the library. Add lines and connectors to showcase the relationship between elements. You can use various customization tools and unique features to edit your diagram and add colors and themes.
  • STEP 4: After your diagram is complete, the next step is to download it. EdrawMax Online supports various document formats, so you can export in any format you want. You can also share and print it.
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5. Free Double Bubble Map Templates

The double bubble map templates help out a lot by saving your time and making your task much easier. You can get a professional template, edit it on EdrawMax Online and use it to make a comparison in a matter of minutes. Without a template, you have to create the map before using it, which will take time, and you will also have to use the correct layout. Check out these free double bubble map templates, pick the one you want, and get started right away.

Example 1: Double Bubble Thinking Map

A double bubble thinking map is best for team brainstorming sessions because it helps generate fresh ideas and compare two people's opinions to determine which one is better. Teachers use it to test their student's thinking skills. These maps are helpful in team collaborations because it helps people compare their thoughts and reach an efficient solution for any problem. The thinking map in this example depicts the comparison between two students generating ideas related to a similar topic.

Double Bubble Thinking Map

Example 2: Printable Double Bubble Map Template

Teachers most commonly use printable double bubble maps because they can get the template, make a few changes and print it to hand to their students in a few minutes. The comparison map in this example showcases the difference between a book and a painting. The parallels between both are easily visible, but there are also some similarities between books and paintings.

Printable Double Bubble Map Template

Example 3: Double Bubble Map Worksheet

A double bubble map worksheet is best for assignments and making reports because you can easily edit the size of each bubble and include more space to house more details and attributes for the comparison. The double bubble map in this example depicts a comparison and contrast of technology implementation, and it showcases the similarities between lesson A and lesson B.

Double Bubble Map Worksheet

6. FAQ About Double Bubble Map

1. What does a double bubble map do?

A double bubble map visually compares and contrasts two ideas or things. It showcases the points of difference and similarity between all types of things such as places, individuals, and concepts. You can use these maps for brainstorming and problem-solving activities, and double bubble maps also help you logically organize information.

2. What is the difference between a Venn diagram and a double bubble map?

Venn diagram and double bubble map are both compare and contrast graphic organizers. Venn diagrams use overlapping circles two depict a comparison. The overlapping area represents the similarities, and the rest describes the differences. Double bubble maps use parallel circles two show the main ideas, and branching circles represent the points of compare and contrast.

7. Key Takeaways

We use a double bubble map to compare and contrast two ideas or things. These maps are excellent helping tools for teachers, professionals, and students. Students use these maps to improve their comprehension of any topic. Similarly, professionals use these maps for team brainstorming sessions and idea generation. EdrawMax Online is the best double bubble map creator, and it gives you professional templates, customization tools, and a symbol library to create your diagram. Find more double bubble map templates in the templates community.

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