Top 10 Free Brochure Templates

In this digital era, when more attention has been paid to the internet marketing and advertising, there is still space for a brochure to play its role. How many times have you been standing in front of a glass window to stare at an assortment of travel brochures? How many times have you decided to eat dinner in a newly opened restaurant because of being attracted by its awesome brochure? Obviously, while online marketing is developing tremendously, offline marketing is still growing prosperously as a great complement to online marketing. As an effective tool of offline marketing, brochure keeps its influence by capturing the attention of potential customers.

Are you interested in creating a brochure for your business or organizations? If your answer is yes, you come to the right place. In the post, we have selected 10 best brochure templates of various types to satisfy your needs. Let’s dive in the wonderland of brochures!

Versatile Brochure Maker - Edraw Max Online

Choosing a brochure maker is one of the most important things for creating brochures. Generally, you can choose to download software, download an app or use an online tool. If you need brochures urgently, I strongly recommend you start to design your brochures with an online tool – Edraw Max Online, because it will help you save a lot of time. What makes this brochure maker different?

  • Easy-to-use: user-friendly interface with drag and drop functionality
  • Abundant templates: select a template that is tailored to you to start creating yours instead of starting from scratch
  • Useful Smart Tools: a set of smart tools help you freely rotate, group or align objects
  • Powerful compatibility: you are allowed to export your brochures to other files like PDF, and you can print or share it as you like
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Appealing Brochure Templates in Various Fields

A brochure is a significant promotion tool that can be used in various fields. Whether it is a travel agency, an automobile exhibition or an NGO for protecting children from bullying on campus, you will definitely find their well-designed brochures. In this post, we provide 10 stunning brochures from different fields that you can find the brochure templates you want and download them free!

Company Profile Brochure

company introduction brochure

This is a simple yet stylish brochure template of the company profile. It was divided into 6 parts with 3 main colors. Every part consists of beautiful pictures, regular shapes, and related content. Grab this brochure template to customize every detail according to your needs.

Company Vision Brochure

company vision brochure

Similar to the previous brochure template, this is also a simple yet professional-looking company profile brochure with good taste. The clean and neat layout makes it more attractive and easier to impress your potential clients.

Marketing Brochure

marketing brochure

This template is more like an analysis report with beautiful layout. Actually, you can use this marketing brochure to make your dull report more attractive.

Supermarket Sales Brochure

supermarket sales brochure

Facing the impact of Amazon and other e-commerce sellers, the traditional supermarket is supposed to pay more attention to its promotional tool. Although delicate brochures for big sales information seems to be outdated, they are still effective for people when they are tired of using electronic devices.

Car Sales Brochure

car sales brochure

Whether you are going to promote classic cars or self-driving cars, you can find the suitable template from our library.

Travel Agency Brochure

travel agency sales brochure

How to catch the first sight of your potential customers to choose your travel agency? The answer is a stunning brochure with marvelous pictures, a well-designed layout and an amazing price on it. Customize this template to quickly create your attractive travel brochure!

Bakery Shop Brochure

bakery shop brochure

Who can turn down cupcakes, egg-tarts, brownies, and macarons? Put the fantastic photos of your home-made desserts in a ready-made template to promote your bakery shop!

Furniture Sales Brochure

furniture sales brochure

Create a stylish furniture sales brochure by using this eye-catching template. Trendy interior design style and affordable price will help you attract more potential customers.

Church Brochure

church profile brochure

Design an amazing brochure to encourage the members to attend church activities. Try this template to create an awesome brochure for your church!

Beauty Salon Brochure

beauty salon brochure

A glamorous model with the trendiest look is the most important part of a beauty salon brochure. Come to get this template for free!

Design Your Exclusive Brochures with Awesome Templates

Even in the era when digital marketing is getting popular immensely, it still feels enjoyable to read a visually appealing brochure. Design a fabulous brochure is not difficult at all only if you use Edraw Max Online. Its abundant incredible brochure templates come in handy on different occasions. If you are looking for more template, you can go to Edraw Template Center to get what you want. If you have any suggestions or funny templates, feel free to share with us!

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