How to Make Earth Day Illustration Designs- A Complete Guide

Earth Day compels us to commemorate the ecological progress attained via individual & collective efforts by spreading awareness through Earth Day cards.

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Among 1025 planets, 200 billion galaxies, and countless celestial bodies of this cosmos, the Earth is the only abode of humankind, herbivora, Carnivora, and other animate creatures. However, the atmosphere and ecosystem of Earth are altered because of the defiled and warped human activities. On the one hand, where scientists are attempting to inaugurate life on Mars through experimentations, some prudent experts endeavor to conserve the preexisting Earth resources to sustain the human race on the planet.

This fast-paced adverse situation necessitates us to take contributory steps to save our mother planets. Besides planting trees, turning off lights, and recycling goods, we must disseminate awareness among subjects to value this priceless residence through earth day cards and posters. Given this ground, the article attempts to present some thought-provoking earth day posters, illustrations, and cards.

 earth day introduction

1. Overview of Earth Day

Earth Day is a global celebration occurring on 22 April to revere the achievements of activists worldwide regarding environmental improvements. It also delivers the message of protecting natural resources for prospective generations.

The history of Earth dates back to 1970, when Americans were carelessly consuming lead-containing fuels, and air pollution was accepted as an odor of progress. Being oblivious to environmental concerns, the masses were experiencing land & air pollution, and the stage arrived when America drowned in health problems.

The stage for environmental change was set in 1970 when Senator Gaylord Nelson raised voice for saving ecological resources after the massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. Nelson, in collaboration with Pete McCloskey, recruited a young union leader, Danes Hayes, to conduct teaches-in on colleges to disseminate awareness among students, choosing 22 April as the day for their first seminar.

The movement spread like a fire in 1990, urging 141 countries to indulge in eco-conscious activities by bringing their environmental issues to the forefront. Senator Nelson's achievements and endeavors won him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest honor granted to US civilians for his contribution as an Earth Day founder.

2. Purpose of Earth Day Posters, Cards, and Infographics

Unchecked human activities like unrefined fuel consumption, improper garbage management, detergent & pesticide usage, and greenhouses have warped the naturally-developed ecosystem. People need extensive mindfulness about these arousing issues that directly cause land & water pollution.

No matter if you are a layman, a business professional working in an organization, or an environmental activist, it is your prime responsibility not only to observe eco-saving practices but also to enlighten the minds of your consociates.

Instead of using paid advertisements, banners, and public seminars, you can opt for more cost-effective solutions, such as using printed or digital-driven Happy Earth Day cards, posters, and infographics.

3. Examples of Earth Day Templates

A well-constituted Earth Day card can complement your entire event, paving the way for multiple productive activities. If you want to gain ideas about how to create your own Earth Day card or poster, consider the below-given templates to conceive how your dream Earth Day illustration or card should look like:

Earth Day Templates

The template presented above epitomizes the ecosystem of Earth by representing fauna and flora present in the forest. The template contains lush hills concealed with green grass and wide-canopy trees, conveying the message of succulence and a healthy Earth environment. A panda is also portrayed to embody the wildlife of forests.

Indeed, the template carries an insightful theme of saving Earth's resources by protecting the forest and biodiversity. You can employ this template as a poster, flyer, or infographic to post in public places for the masses' awareness.

Earth Day Posters

The Earth's surface is covered majorly with water, whether oceans, seas, rivers, or waterways, serving as an indispensable necessity of life on the planet. The above theme is inspired by the aquatic theme of Earth, containing blue as the background color, which beautifully merges with the blueness of the Earth globe in the poster. The text is kept in all caps to highlight the significance of Earth Day, providing the audience with intellectual awareness about our mother planet.

The template is perfect to be used as a public poster since it will catch community attention because of its rich blue theme.

Modern science believes in the Big Bang theory, according to which Earth came into existence because of a colossal explosion in space. At first, the surface of Earth was extremely scorching, which cooled down gradually over time. The above image efficiently portrays the big bang theory, portraying Earth as a parching ball in the unending space.

The poster's background is black, depicting the space; the title goes as "Save the Earth," written clearly at the top. You can utilize this template as a book cover for your short stories composition about Earth.

The above picture magnificently mirrors the two opposing lifestyle perspectives on Earth; the first one is the garden city which is replenished with lushness, hygiene, neatness, sanitation, & natural beauty. The life depicted in the above portion is eco-friendly, containing plantlife, windmills, and a nature-inspired lifestyle.

The other one portrays the intimidating image of the perverted lifestyle on Earth; factories, soot, technologies, and spoiled water & land resources. Additionally, the below illustration foreshadows the consequences which may befall us if we don't save the environment from these harmful phenomena.

Earth Day Cards

Cards serve variant purposes, including gift giving, arousing interest in a topic, spreading insight about an encountered issue, or a formality to invite the subordinates to eco-conscious seminars in workplaces. The above image is a multipurpose card that you can exploit as a public invitation for conferences, presenting it to family or friends for intellectual mindfulness, or giving Earth Day gift cards to your near and dears.

The card exquisitely visualizes different life areas on Earth, including humankind, nature, biodiversity, buildings, natural phenomena, plantlife, water, and climate conditions. The whole card is tinted with sky blue, indicating the clouds, water resources, and a glimpse of nature.

Earth Day Infographic

Infographics are diagrams depicting a piece of information, whether in plain, tabular, or chart form. The above earth-related infographic informs you about Earth's different spheres, including the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and geosphere.

The atmosphere encompasses all the gases forming an envelope, whereas the hydrosphere covers all the water bodies on Earth's surface. The geosphere includes all the land area, containing rocks, soils, and mineral resources, whereas the biosphere refers to the places where life exists. This infographic can be a consummate artwork to disseminate consciousness about the Earth's structure, spheres, and geological occurrences.

The above infographic image edifies the public knowledge about the benefits of recycling different resources, whether natural or human-made. For example, every ton of recycled paper can save a massive amount of trees, oil, water, space, and energy. Similarly, many resources can be saved by recycling plastic, glass bottles, aluminum, steel scraps, etc.

This infographic is consummate for official-held seminars and teach-ins regarding environmental awareness.

4. EdrawMax- One-Stop Solution to All Your Designing Needs

Our contribution to saving Earth and its resources is essential since we are the residents of this planet. In this urge, if you are aspired to configure a thought-provoking Earth Day illustration or infographic, EdrawMax is the second-to-none platform to go. Launched last year, the tool has acquired the trust of millions of customers because of its satisfactory services regarding diagramming.

EdrawMax imparts innovation to your diagrams by providing cutting-edge customization features, a neuro-inclusive interface, a commendable template community, and other limitless privileges to its users. You can constitute multi-faceted diagrams using EdrawMax, including cards, posters, flyers, illustrations, infographics, pamphlets, etc.

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5. How To Create a Customized Earth Day Infographic Using EdrawMax?

Creating an Earth Day infographic via EdrawMax is pretty straightforward, involving a few easy steps given below:

  • Step 1: Download and launch the "EdrawMax" application to utilize it for making Earth Day illustrations.
  • Step 2: Click the "New" option in the left panel, and choose the "Blank Drawing" option from the main widget. You can also select the "Infographic" option under the "Design" option in the left panel. To initiate the diagramming with a template, navigate to the "Templates" option in the left panel, type "Earth Day Infographic," and follow any of the given templates.

new earth day infographic edrawmax

  • Step 3: There are four pivotal components of an infographic: background, headline, content, and graphic elements. Add all these components sequentially to your infographic. For adding symbols or visual elements, navigate to the "Symbols" option in the menu bar.

adding info org chart edrawmax

  • Step 4: Customize your Earth Day infographic according to your preferences by applying your favorite color scheme and shape layout.

customizing infographic edrawmax

  • Step 5: Export your infographic by clicking the "Export" icon at the top bar and choosing your preferred export format.

edrawmax infographic export

6. Conclusion

Being a resident of this planet, it is our responsibility to protect, store, & recycle natural resources and avoid hazardous approaches that can detriment the earth's surface in any way. Additionally, we can inculcate this eco-conscious thinking in our social circle by disseminating Earth Day cards, posters, and infographics containing productive information about environmental improvement.

If you are aimed at producing your personalized Earth Day card or poster, you can exploit one of the above-presented Earth Day templates or utilize EdrawMax's professional platform for flawless e diting.


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