A Guide to Understand Kidney with Diagram

A kidney is the most significant part of the human excretory system. It helps in regulating the balance of water and removing the blood impurities from the body. Hence, the students need to learn about the kidney anatomy and its functions. They may use kidney diagrams to study the structure the same, even to understand its functioning. Creating a diagram by hand is tough, and the students may fail to get a good result. They must use the EdrawMax Online tool to draw a good quality result. They can use the tool for their projects, lessons, or dissertation papers.

1. The Human Kidney Anatomy

A kidney is the functional unit of the renal system and is present in the cavity of the lower abdomen. It works to remove the excess water and impurities of blood from the body as urine. The primary functions of the kidney are balancing the acid-based in blood, managing the electrolytes, and regulating blood pressure by keeping the water and salt balance.


2. The Structure of Human Kidney

Kidneys are bean-shaped organs and are present in the posterior abdomen. The kidney removes metabolic waste, blood impurities, and excess water through urine. A kidney consists of layers of fat and fascia, and the following are there in its structure:

Renal capsule: It is a tough fibrous capsule around the kidney.

Perirenal fat: This is an extraperitoneal fat collection.

Renal fascia: The renal fascia covers the kidney and suprarenal glands.

  • The renal parenchyma has two different areas, the outer cortex, and the inner medulla. As the cortex reaches the medulla, it forms triangle shapes, namely renal pyramids. The apex of the renal pyramid is known as the renal papilla. They are joined with the structure called the minor calyx, which gathers urine from the pyramid.
  • Urine goes through the significant calyces and passes through the renal pelvis. Urine then goes into the ureter and then goes to the bladder for storage for some time. The renal hilum is a fissure in the medial margin of the kidney. Urine exits the kidney with the help of the ureter.
  • The renal arteries originate from the abdominal aorta. The right renal artery is longer and crosses the vena cava from a posterior position. The renal artery forms anterior and posterior divisions and five sets of arteries originating from the two divisions.
  • The venous blood leaves the kidney through the left and right renal veins.
  • Lymph from the kidney goes into the lateral aortic lymph nodes present at the origin of renal arteries.
kidney diagram

3. How to Draw the Human Kidney

The kidney takes part in excretion, and therefore to understand the excretory system, it is essential to know its structure and function. To learn kidney anatomy, the students must use kidney anatomy diagrams.

3.1 How to Create Kidney Anatomy Drawing from Sketch

Creating a kidney diagram by hand can be difficult. Here are the steps a student can follow to draw their kidney anatomy diagrams:

Step 1: A kidney is a big bean-shaped sack connected with a large, pipe-like structure bent at the end. It is called the ureter. A membrane covering it is called the renal capsule. In the first step, students should draw these structures.

How to Create Kidney Anatomy Drawing from Sketch

Step 2: Draw both the medulla and nephron. The end of the ureter branches out to form triangular shapes called the medulla. The medulla has a brush-like structure called a nephron.

Step 3: Now draw renal arteries and renal veins, which are connected to the ureter of the kidney.

How to Create Kidney Anatomy Drawing from Sketch

3.2 How to Create Kidney Anatomy Drawing Online

The process of making a kidney anatomy diagram by hand is difficult and time-consuming. Students may fail to create a good-quality image. To avoid such issues, they must use the EdrawMax Online tool. The tool is user-friendly, and the students can get high-quality kidney anatomy diagrams that they can use for their studies or projects. Here are a few simple steps which they can follow to create their kidney anatomy diagram:

Step 1: The tool is easy to use, and inexperienced users can comfortably work on it. Therefore, it has a massive trusted user base. To start with their work, the students need to open New. They can find the Science and Education tab under this part.

How to Create Kidney Anatomy Drawing Online
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Step 2: The students and researchers can use the EdrawMax Online tool for learning science subjects, including human anatomy. Under the science and education section, they can find the Human organ option. This part has high-quality images of human organs.

How to Create Kidney Anatomy Drawing Online
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Step 3: The students can select the kidney anatomy diagram according to their requirements. They can also modify and edit those diagrams as per their choice.

How to Create Kidney Anatomy Drawing Online
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Step 4: Once the student completes their diagrams, they can save it in different formats. They can also export it and use it for their studies and various projects.

How to Create Kidney Anatomy Drawing Online
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4. What are the Kidney Conditions?

A kidney may get affected, and its malfunction may lead to death. Here is a list of kidney conditions and their reasons:

  1. Pyelonephritis: Bacterial reaction from a bladder infection.
  2. Glomerulonephritis: Effect on an overactive immune system on the kidney.
  3. Nephrolithiasis: Mineral in urine blocking the flow.
  4. Renal failure: Dehydration, blockage of the urinary tract, kidney damage.
  5. Chronic Renal failure: Diabetes, High blood pressure.
  6. Papillary Necrosis: Kidney damage, resulting in broken kidney tissues to clog them internally.
  7. Diabetic Nephropathy: High Blood sugar.
  8. Nephrotic Syndrome: Damaged kidney.

The kidney plays a significant role in human excretion. It drains out the excess water and impurities of blood with urine. It is pretty essential to take good care of the kidney. Here are a few tips which an individual can follow to keep their kidney healthy

  1. Keeping the blood sugar in check.
  2. Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.
  3. Regularly monitoring the blood pressure and take medication
  4. Drinking plenty of water
  5. Not ignoring any problem related to the kidney and consult the doctor.
  6. Staying away from smoking.

5. Conclusion

It is better to have an idea about the anatomy and function of the kidney to keep the kidneys healthy. For studying kidney anatomy, the students can use kidney diagrams. They must use the EdrawMax Online tool. It can help them create a professional-level kidney diagram, which they can use for their lessons or projects.

In conclusion, EdrawMax Online is a quick-start diagramming tool, which is easier to make artery and vein diagram and any 280 types of diagrams. Also, it contains substantial built-in templates that you can use for free, or share your science diagrams with others in our template community.

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