Free Editable Supply Chain Diagram Examples

1. What is a Supply Chain Diagram?

Supply chain diagram examples describe all the steps involved in the whole process of procuring raw materials to the delivery of products to the consumers. The supply chain typically begins with the vendors or suppliers going on to manufacturing, distribution, and delivery to consumers. There are many sub-processes involved in these big steps. Also, the supply chain varies from business to business. Another variant of the supply chain diagram is the services supply chain, where there are no raw materials and transportation has a very different meaning.

2. The Supply Chain Diagram Examples

Let us review supply chain diagram examples ranging from generic to the supply chains of giants in the industry to understand how these models support the businesses.

Example 1: Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Diagram

A pharmaceutical supply chain diagram covers the complete production cycle, starting from procurement of raw materials, transforming them into products, and then delivering products outside the company. An important consideration in this supply chain is quality control and temperature maintenance because the products deal with human health and life. You can draw a pharmaceutical supply chain diagram for within the production and also for the outward delivery of products.

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Diagram
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Example 2: Starbucks Supply Chain Diagram

We all have seen the Starbucks supply chain diagram dealing with the basic coffee products manufacturing or the coffee houses working. However, this Starbucks supply chain diagram is unique because it deals with a not-so-popular aspect of the brand's process, i.e., recycling coffee beans to make milk for Starbucks's coffee. It uses Menincon's fermentation technology to convert the used grounds from Starbucks stores into feed for the dairy cows, hence eventually producing cow milk. A green disposal method and a very good initiative for a better environment.

Starbucks Supply Chain Diagram
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Example 3: Amazon Supply Chain Diagram

This Amazon supply chain diagram explains the difference between shipping methods in the Amazon process and fulfillment. It is an excellent example of how Amazon adds value and encourages users to become prime members for the benefits. Amazon has three shipment models that this diagram explains, including standard shipping, same-day shipping, and prime shipping. Prime shipping is the fastest method with the least transitions involved.

Amazon Supply Chain Diagram
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Example 4: Coffee Supply Chain Diagram

This typical coffee supply chain diagram identifies all the transitions between the coffee farmers and your cup. Identifying all these transitions and the stakeholders in between allows you to understand the dynamics, the transition cost, different interests of companies involved, and the time involved. Understanding the coffee supply chain diagram is a great way to improve the dynamics, minimize costs and improve ROI.

Coffee Supply Chain Diagram
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Example 5: Walmart Supply Chain Process Flow Diagram

Walmart's supply chain process flow diagram is a tool that helps you understand Walmart's competitive advantage. Walmart has made its mark in the industry through innovation and technology, and it has embraced technology and automation and adapted its supply chain to track and seamlessly restock inventory. Eventually, it helps them minimize costs for the customers and become a booming profitable business.

Walmart Supply Chain Process Flow Diagram
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Example 6: Supply Chain Management Diagram

Usually, whenever we discuss the supply chain, we cover the process from the supplier to the customer. However, this supply chain management diagram adds another reverse flow and information flow from the customer to the supplier. It can be feedback, complaints, or even returned products. In this generic supply chain management diagram, the identified involved parties are supplier, manufacturer, distributor, retailer, and consumer. However, there is no indication of transportation or any other involved process.

Supply Chain Management Diagram
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Example 7: Food Supply Chain Diagram

The food supply chain diagram probably shows the oldest and the most commonly found supply chain. It starts with food production and moves to processing, distribution, and consumption. You may notice that the supply chain diagram example is divided into two paths at the consumption point, i.e., the restaurants and the home preparation. Because the restaurants deal with bulk orders, they usually procure from the distributors themselves. In comparison, home consumers buy from retailers.

Food Supply Chain Diagram
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Example 8: Coca-cola Supply Chain

The example of the Coca-cola supply chain diagram is a very detailed and unique supply flow. It identifies two types of suppliers and consumers. This supply chain identifies the water and flavoring suppliers for the manufacturing plants, while glass and aluminum suppliers are needed for packaging plants. On the other hand, the consumers again are distributed into two tiers. You have retailers and distributors in the first tier and consumers in the second tier.

Coca-cola Supply Chain
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Example 9: Automotive Supply Chain Diagram

An example of an automotive supply chain diagram shows that technology helps you optimize your supply chain for a better return on investment in your business. Oracle provides complete automation solutions for supply chains based on its world-renowned and acclaimed databases and tools. However, it is important to understand that technical programs and software provide you a foundation for supply chains, but how you use them and design your solution plays a critical role in your profitability and return on investment.

Automotive Supply Chain Diagram
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Example 10: Tesla Supply Chain Diagram

The Tesla supply chain model shows one critical aspect of Tesla's success. This company minimizes its cost by cutting down in-between stakeholders, i.e., the dealers. They approach their customers directly. So, if you want to buy a Tesla car, you can either go to one of their showrooms or buy directly from their website. So, essentially this is a B2C model. However, we need to understand that this model does not work for every business.

Tesla Supply Chain Diagram
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Example 11: Supply Chain Network Diagram

A supply chain network diagram allows you to understand different departments involved in converting the raw materials to the products and then sending them to your consumer. This supply chain diagram example shows the different departments and identifies the supporting functions for these main departments. The supporting departments are finances and controlling, management, research and development, and marketing and marketing research.

Supply Chain Network Diagram
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Example 12: Logistics Supply Chain Diagram

When we talk about a logistics supply chain diagram, the first thought is amazon. However, Amazon has now expanded into software, services, and other fields. But essentially, it was a logistics solution. Their primary focus has remained on expansion, and thus they enjoy economies of sales because of their large warehousing capacity and state-of-the-art logistic solutions.

Logistics Supply Chain Diagram
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3. Online Supply Chain Diagram Maker

A supply chain diagram is an excellent tool for understanding your rival companies' competitive advantage and allows you to understand the dynamics of the industry. When you set out to develop your business's supply chain, you must make it accurate, authentic, and widely understandable. An online supply chain diagram maker like EdrawMax is your ultimate solution because it makes your design work a breeze. You can take inspiration from the variety of available supply chain templates in EdrawMax's template library. These templates are fully customizable, so use the symbol libraries, easy drag and drop layout, and supporting tools to adjust these templates according to your needs. Bravo! You have designed your supply chain in minutes.

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4. Key Takeaways

Supply chain diagram examples help you understand how different industries exploit different departments and tools for gaining competitive advantage and increasing ROI. When you have fully understood the dynamics involved in the supply chain and have analyzed your system, you can use an online supply chain maker software to create standardized diagrams that follow the industry's best practices. Find more supply chain diagram examples in the templates community.

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