Free Editable Swimlane Diagram Examples

We use swimlane diagrams to illustrate the steps and activities of a data flow or workflow. It is an essential tool that helps you explain the purpose and reason behind each activity in a process flow. You can use swimlane diagrams to simplify any activity by explaining complex use cases. Read till the end to learn more about this diagram, its use cases, and some popular examples and templates.

1. What is a Swimlane Diagram

A swimlane diagram depicts activities in a process flow and explains the purpose of each component in the process. As its name suggests, a swim lane diagram gathers activities of a process flow in separate lanes similar to a pool. Just like how swimmers stay in their lanes during a swimming contest, each process stays in a specific swimlane that helps clarify its activities and what it does in the flow chart. The purpose of having a swimlane diagram is to make details of the process flow easy to understand to people from all departments. Check out our swimlane diagram examples if you have an interest in these diagrams.

2. The Swimlane Diagram Examples

Following are some of the most commonly used swiml ane diagram examples and templates. If you want to create a swimlane diagram and use it in your presentation or report, make sure you use the correct swimlane format. From the examples down here, you can pick any suitable format for you

Example 1: Swimlane Activity Diagram

This is an example of a swimlane activity diagram. It illustrates all the activities part of the college management process flow. The diagram has four swimlanes, each with a different data category. In the first lane, we got the admin section. It lists all the admin-related activities in the first lane. The second lane represents each component of the school information system. You can see that all activities are still connected with lines similar to a flow chart and separated into lanes.

Swimlane Activity Diagram

Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 2: Fast Food Swimlane Diagram

This is an example of a fast-foot swimlane diagram. It visually represents the process flow of a fast-food restaurant. It uses four swimlanes to illustrate the process of customers ordering food from the restaurant until it gets delivered to them. We got the customer section in the first lane with all customer-dependent activities. The process starts when a customer orders some food. The flow moves to the clerk, the sales terminal, and finally to the kitchen. The process ends when the customer receives the food.

Fast Food Swimlane Diagram

Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 3: Swimlane Diagram Example

This is a swimlane diagram example to illustrate the receiving goods system of a grocery store. The process starts in the receiving lane, where the good comes at the dock. Then employees inspect each good if it matches the order. If yes, it moves to the third lane; if not, it moves to the second lane. The last lane is the warehouse section. After checking all the goods, the store sends everything to the warehouse. The reader can understand the process flow at a single glance.

Swimlane Diagram Example

Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 4: Swimlane Diagram PowerPoint Example

This is a swim diagram powerpoint example. It depicts the purchase process flow of some products from the point any customer orders the product to the point they receive it. This is a horizontal format for a swimlane diagram. The first lane is the customer section. The customer buys the product and pays in credit. The order moves to the sales section, where the system checks it and either approves or cancels the order. It moves to the management lane, where the criteria for credit and credit history are commonly checked.

Swimlane Diagram PowerPoint Example
Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 5: Swimlane Process Flow Diagram Example

This example is a swimlane process flow diagram with a unique layout. Diagrams in this layout are also mostly known as cross-functional diagrams. It separates the flow chart using vertical and horizontal lanes to create small sections. It depicts process flow in a similar visual representation to that of a grid. If you are not using a professional template, then there is a high chance of you making a complex diagram. You have to label each swimlane to make it easier to locate any activity.

Swimlane Process Flow Diagram Example
Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 6: Swimlane Work Flow Diagram Example

This is a swimlane workflow diagram example. It illustrates all the activities part of a credit card approval process. The process starts when a customer wants to purchase something using a credit card, and the system checks whether it is valid or not. We got the customer making an order and paying in credit form in the first lane. The request moves to the sales section, where the systems verify the payment and approve or decline the request. It moves to the management section, where the systems generate a report and check for bad credit.

Swimlane Work Flow Diagram Example

Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 7: Sample Swimlane Diagram Example

This example is a sample swimlane diagram. It visually represents the sales deployment system. There are four swimlanes in the diagram, and each lane represents a different category. The process flow starts with the customers, moves through various activities, and gets accepted in the third lane or declined in the fourth lane. The criteria for a successful order are also easy to determine with the help of the diagram. If the ordered product is in stock, the system approves; if not, the system declines.

Sample Swimlane Diagram Example
Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 8: Horizontal Swimlane Diagram Example

This simple horizontal swimlane diagram example depicts the entire online shopping process. There are only three lanes in the diagram. This first lane represents the client section, and it only contains two activities as the customers have to place the order and pay for it. The next lane is the online shop. Here, the system checks the orders, checks the invoice, and declines or approve the order. After the shop confirms the order, a courier company delivers the shopped items. The whole process flow is easy to understand for any reader, and there are details about each activity.

Horizontal Swimlane Diagram Example
Source:EdrawMax Online

Example 9: Business Process Swimlane Diagram Example

This is a business process swimlane diagram example. It visualizes the process flow for meeting a new client. There are three lanes in the diagram. The starting activity is a call with the client and setting up a meeting to explain the business. It is in the salesperson section. After that, the client chats with the consultant or meets in a conference room. The next step is to create a proposal for the client and send it. Each swimlane represents a set of activities in the same category.

Business Process Swimlane Diagram Example
Source:EdrawMax Online

3. Online Swimlane Diagram Creator

Creating a swimlane diagram is easy and takes no time using EdrawMax Online. It is the best online swimlane diagram, creator. You can get all templates from the above-listed swimlane diagram examples with EdrawMax online. It also gives you lots of customization tools and a comprehensive symbol library. You can create presentations and reports and export them in any format you want using it. A swimlane chart aims to give the audience the general idea of the process flow in a simple manner. That is why using professional templates is always better than creating a complicated chart.

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4. Key Takeaways

A swimlane diagram is similar to a flow chart that explains the relationship and purpose of each activity in the process flow. You can see its various formats from the swimlane diagram examples listed above. These diagrams are primarily used in business presentations and process management. Suppose you want to explain data flow using a flow chart, then you need a perfect swimlane diagram. You can create one with EdrawMax Online. It gives you the best editing options, many professional templates, and a user-friendly interface. It helps you create a swimlane chart in no time effortlessly. Find more swim lane diagram examples in the template community.

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